Tuesday, August 25, 2020

COVID-19: HHS Drops FDA Review Requirement For Tests | County Approves School Openings Without Waivers 9/1 | County Stats Relatively Stable

Lioness at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 6.28.2020)

Davey is a hero and fixed my laptop and you should totally support his shop, Red Brontosaurus Records. Besides that, I lazed around watching "Love In The Time Of Corona" on Hulu which was actually pretty great. Darren and Nova kept busy shuffling the air conditioners around the upstairs and downstairs and checking fuses and buying new power cords so that Nova could have a window box in her room. Like many people, I was shocked about the announcement that Dr Wooten said all San Diego County schools can open without waivers next Tuesday, September 1, but after reading the announcement and the state guidelines, it's not really as crazy as it sounds, except that it feels like many schools (as did restaurants, bars, gyms, salons) will adhere to the guidance at first, but it will quickly fall by the wayside. The main thing in the new guidance is that class "cohorts" may not be more than the same 14 students with the same 2 adults, which fundamentally would change junior high and high school. And on top of that, SDUSD has already made their own more stringent criteria for reopening. So read the state guidance, which was updated today for childcare, day camps, higher education, schools, and youth sports, and don't let crazy headlines get you all worked up (like I did). 

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