Thursday, August 13, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego 2nd Day Under 100/100k | It's A Miracle! Fewer Tests Mean Fewer Cases (/sarcasm) | San Diego Zoo Pics

I don't know how iguanas 'do it', but I think this one was getting penetrated during this photo (Taken 8.13.2020)

It's has been five days since I first posted a comment on the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Facebook page and people are still telling me I should just stay home. Despite that there are Zoo rules, the County Health Order, and the State Health Order, which are literally enforceable by law (if we had any compunction to enforce, 5 months into this pandemic.) In fact, as more research comes out, I wouldn't be surprised if sooner or later we'll get guidelines as to what kind of facial coverings are allowed (since nylon/spandex gaiters and valved masks are showing to be ineffective.) As we were walking into the San Diego Zoo today, in fact, we heard some staff recounting a family refusing masks. "Did you hear that lady? 'But it's her birthday! We don't want her to suffocate! She's only 2!'" to which another staff quipped, 'Uh, yeah, happy birthday, here's a mask!'" as they shared their frustrations with each other about patrons. (Blogger ears are always wide open!)
Meanwhile, we're celebrating that we're one day away from being off the State monitoring list while New Zealand is completely back to normal life but briefly shut down after just FOUR new cases showed up, until they could contact trace and make sure those cases stay quarantined. We are our own worst enemy. 
I finished reading Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner, and while I can do without her lady-porn sections, I've read every book she's written because they're easy page-turners to take one's mind of the current state of affairs. And, as mentioned, we went to the San Diego Zoo today because it's truly the place where I feel safest and lowest risk, even though some people still wear masks under their noses or under their chins. It was hot, so the reptiles and tortoises were loving it and all more active than usual, and we also just sat for a while in Fern Canyon, taking in the abundance of oxygen and fragrant flowers and the sounds of a running waterfall. 
We'll likely be hunkered at home this weekend if the heat wave gets as bad as they say it will. The San Diego Public Library and San Diego County Library have really been lifesavers with their vast collections of e-books and quality recommendations on their browse by category pages to keep us from just being complete TV addicts. I'm off to the speakeasy for the night...stats and today's readings after the jump. Also including a handful of today's Zoo pics for good measure. 
  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • 7,085 New Cases/593.141 Total Cases (1.2% increase)
    • 160 New Deaths/10,808 Total Deaths (1.5% increase)
    • 5.9% 14-day test positivity rate
  • San Diego County Media Briefing
      • State Data:
        • 5,106 New Cases (Last 14 Days)/33.395 Total Cases
        • 56 Deaths (Last 14 Days)/608 Total Deaths
        • 151.5 cases/100k population 
        • 9.6% Test Positivity (Last 14 Days)
      • County Data:
        • 266 New Cases/33,659 Total Cases 
        • 7 New Daily Deaths/615 Total Deaths
        • 96.5 cases (98.3 State Reporting)/100k population 
        • 3% Daily Test Positivity/4.6% Test Positivity (14-day average)
        • Case Investigation is 96%
        • 2 New/22 Community Outbreaks (7-day)/59 Active Outbreaks
    • We are seeing progress in recent days and weeks, but the goal is not to be off State monitoring list, rather to slow and stop the spread and keep the numbers low. Things cannot go back to normal even if we get off monitoring list. Need to see sustained reduction of community spread. 
    • Getting off monitoring list is good, but will not change posture and restrictions. Nothing new can open at this time. 
    • County Edges Closer to Getting Off State Monitoring List - County News Center (8.13.2020)
    • Wednesday was the 2nd Public County Budget hearing
    • Common Underlying Conditions For COVID-19 Associated Deaths
      • Hypertension 50%
      • Diabetes 35%
      • Cardiac Disease 32%
      • Dementia/Alzheimers 26%
      • Chronic Kidney Disease 18%
      • COPD/Asthma 12%
      • Obesity 7%
      • Immunocompromised 6%
      • No Underlying 4%
    • We are now on the 3rd day below the state triggers. On the 4th day, San Diego may be removed from State Monitor List. After that, we have to have 14 more consistent days below the triggers. On the 15th day after that (August 28), schools MAY reopen. (SDUSD has developed more stringent guidelines for reopening)
    • Coming off the monitoring list (+14 days of stability staying off the monitoring list) will only result in the ability to open up schools at school district discretion and in accordance with State and County reopening guidelines. There are no new impacts or implications on other businesses reopening. 
    • State will be making determination for counties coming off the monitoring list this weekend
    • San Ysidro New Testing: 78 tests reported yesterday/118 reporting today. Hours 6:30-10:30, will extend from 6:30am-12pm starting on Monday. Personal information is not asked except for contact information. Tests are free regardless of nationality, citizenship. Two HHS workers running the San Ysidro site live in Tijuana, so engagement is good and trust is there. County has decades working with Customs and Border Protection at Pedestrian Border
    • Health Officers order did establish for youth camps to act as Child Care
    • Executive order from Governor extended programs for Child Care, but it expired June 30. New State guidance is expected this weekend
    • Any additional business operation opening will come from the State Public Health Office (as of July 13th order) 
    • People shouldn't be afraid to seek healthcare for non-COVID-19 issues. County and local health providers have been doing media campaigns to say so
    • San Diego County allocated $17 million $3.4million per supervisor $700k to restaurants in districts. Fletcher's office alone received $190million in requests for $3.4million. 
    • Outdoor events are still not allowed but the County is hoping for more guidance and guidelines to be issued from Governor so outdoor events may resume in the same way outdoor churches may operate.  
  • COVID-19 Other Reading:
  • Other Boring But Important news:

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