Tuesday, August 04, 2020

CoViD-19 County Supervisors Board Meeting Snoozefest | Social Distancing Worked | Kids Are The Little Monster Vectors You Knew They Were

Sea Lion surfs a wave at Boomer Beach/La Jolla Cove (Taken 8.3.2020)

I tried to watch the County Board of Supervisors meeting, but it's so frustrating knowing that Fletch is the only dem vote and every single thing is an uphill battle when you've got the knuckleheads JD and KG in there. Really, really hoping we see new more representative faces on the Board come November. It's also frustrating when people keep making the same arguments over and over, why can X be open but not Y?
Let's review again: 

Successful Infection = Exposure to Virus x Time 

The arguments against Home Depot and Ross and Costco to justify opening gyms and salons make no sense because of the nature of the activities. The stores you can get in, get out, keep distanced. Not so with gyms, salons, indoor dining, etc. It's not that complicated. Then a dozen people called in to restore recreational boating and compared it to restaurants, which may actually be right, but they're actually making an argument why restaurant/bars should be closing or at the very least removing the allowance for mixed households sitting together, not why boating should be restored. Our numbers are certainly looking a lot better than mid-May, but it's still a long way to go. City Council had a meeting, too, but it was almost entirely consent items.
I don't really have much else to talk about today. I would've loved to have hit the San Diego Zoo or Fiesta Island today but I'm a woman whose cramps can shut me down for three straight days, so that's where I am today. Instead it was all Netflix; I finished The Twelve, Nova and I finished Get Even, and I started watching this amazing show called Tales By Light, about photographers who use the medium to draw attention to critical issues like poverty, pollution, or losing traditions of indigenous peoples. I HIGHLY recommend it, especially Season 3 episodes 1 & 2 on child poverty, so you can think about these poor babies working in mines and factories while we're whining that our kids need gymnastics and little league so we should just send them back to school already. 

  • State of California COVID-19 Update:
    • 4,526 new cases/519,427 total cases (up 0.9%)
    • 113 new deaths/9,501 deaths (1.2% increase)
    • 6.7% 14-Day Positivity Rate (0.8% decrease from 14 days prior)
  • County Of San Diego COVID-19 Update:
    • 290 New Cases/30,516 Total Cases (7% positivity)
    • 3 new deaths/568 total deaths
    • Currently Active Outbreaks: 
      • SNF 26
      • Non-SNF Congregate Settings 37
      • Community Settings: 67
      • 32 New Community Outbreaks in past 7 days
    • Case Rate 114.9/100k 
    • Case Investigation 60% (must get to 70% or more)
    • Compliance:
      • 4,000+ complaints through 211
      • 4,200+ complaints to Sheriff since 3.19.2020
      • 144 citations issued by Sheriff since 3.19.2020
      • New Healthy Compliance Call Center 858.694.2900
        • Call for egregious cases and/or outbreaks
  • COVID-19
    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Distancing Interventions to Delay or Flatten the Epidemic Curve of Coronavirus Disease. Results suggest interventions started earlier in the epidemic delay the epidemic curve and interventions started later flatten the epidemic curve. Researchers noted that, while social distancing interventions were in place, most new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths were averted, even with modest reductions in contact among adults. However, when interventions ended, the epidemic rebounded. Models suggest that social distancing can provide crucial time to increase healthcare capacity but must occur in conjunction with testing and contact tracing of all suspected cases to mitigate virus transmission. - CDC EID (08.2020)
    • A Summer Camp Covid-19 Outbreak Offers Back-to-School Lessons: A CDC report from a Georgia hot spot illuminates just how easily kids can spread coronavirus, adding to our understanding of kids’ role in transmission. - Wired (8.4.2020)

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