Thursday, May 27, 2021

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I keep putting myself in this position where I am scrambling to get a post out before midnight, but it shouldn't be a shocker that I am still working through my email for the day. In fact, most of today's links are from yesterday's inbox, I'm still trying to catch up. 

Today we ended up going to Fiesta Island for a few hours. It was so nice out and Ficus loves scaring off other dogs who try and come to our beach mat when we're hanging out. It's like a constant pet parade and it's fun watching all the different breeds of dogs interact and fetch and chase each other and swim and play. The Coastal Commission is actually voting on the Fiesta Island Dog Park next week so you should definitely submit a public comment opposing Option A and supporting the City-Council supported Option B. 

It's been fun to enjoy San Diego before we're completely overrun with tourists when we try to dodge crowds entirely. I know that our economy depends on tourism, but the 'ugly American' stereotype we've been known for in other countries has taken an even uglier turn in our own country. We're rude, we're messy, we act entitled, and we can't stop taking photos of ourselves. 

The pandemic really seemed to exacerbate the problems because public bathrooms and interpretive centers were closed, trash pickup seemed to decline in public spaces, and disposable masks can be seen pretty much everywhere. I'm a member of a hiking group on Facebook and it feels like every day there's yet another post with 'this is why we can't have nice things', whether that's people not cleaning up after pets, people trespassing or going into restricted areas, graffiti or rock stacking, or ruining the beautiful sounds of nature blaring their crappy music instead of having the decency to wear earbuds. Then you see these people on planes fighting flight attendants, people in stores still fighting about pandemic mitigations, hearing stories from restaurant servers and bartenders about the general rudeness of their clientele, people raging on our roads as if they themselves are not the traffic. And on top of all that, the swap-meetification of our public spaces with unlicensed vendors making the boardwalk and Balboa Park look like shit. The downsides of living in such a desirable place, I guess. I hope it gets better but I won't hold my breath. I will, however, probably not be leaving my house this weekend. 

Stay safe out there. 

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