Saturday, May 15, 2021

CoViD-19: A Lot Of People Have A Lot To Say About CDC Mask Guidance For Vaccinated People | The Best Case Yet For Aerosol Transmission | kpbs Profiles Minh Ky |


Darren and Nova got straight to work with all the compost we got yesterday and made some new planters and transferred my succulents which outgrew their boxes on my catio. While hanging in the backyard, I talked with my mom on the phone for awhile. She told me that my sister hasn't gotten my niece vaccinated yet because she didn't want to do it before their trip. 
Say what? 
So it turns out they're flying to Indianapolis to see my uncle and cousins. But the girls are unvaccinated. Nadia isn't even eligible until they lower the age threshold or until she turns 12 in October. I cannot understand the thinking on any of it. It would be one thing if they were testing regularly just to be on the safe side, but they're not doing that either. I told my mom that they're going to have to quarantine and forbid my sister and the girls from visiting for a while after they return. My eyes have rolled so far back into my head I've given myself a headache. 
And I've been stewing on the CDC announcement and I posted some opinion pieces about it below, and every news outlet has covered it, every late night host has had their jokes about it, but the thing I keep thinking about is how we're all now just in a living experiment and I don't like it. Despite still standing state and county health orders, friends who work at Trader Joe's and Sprouts have said their stores have stopped requiring masks. Just when things were really starting to feel positive and safe and like we're heading in the right direction. the CDC just made me, and others like me, a massive reason to distrust everyone around me and that really fucking sucks. At least with maskholes, you had a visible cue as to whether the person was nuts or not, but that cue is essentially gone now. I'm not stoked about that at all. Stay safe out there. 

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