Friday, May 28, 2021

CoViD-19: More On Masking, Ventilation, Breakthroughs, Viral Loads. The Usual. | What The Hell Is Going On With Mexico? |

Ficus at Fiesta Island Dog Park (Taken 5.27.21) 
I wanted to make sure I go into the weekend with more or less a clean slate, so I finished going through my inboxes and decided I would do another post before my nightly one on Friday because it's already gonna be a busy news day with Biden releasing his budget and congress breaking for a week and media packing it all in before Memorial Day weekend. 

I also stayed up late watching Plan B on Hulu. It's very similar to Booksmart in that it's a night of adventure with two besties blah blah, but it was pretty good. Glad I didn't watch with Nova though, there's a graphic peen scene and maybe a little above her need-to-know at this point in her teens. 

I really probably could've just skipped all this reading, but I think it is important that we're mindful going into the holiday weekend that while over 53% of the population of San Diego is vaccinated, NO children under 12 are, kids 12-15 are only partially vaccinated, if at all, and young people aren't showing high percentages of vaccination as we saw with boomers and gen xers. You can probably trust your server or bartender or grocery cashier has been vaccinated, not so much the person sitting next to you or waiting in line breathing down your neck. And as I've mentioned multiple times, I absolutely don't trust tourists, being that there's already an inherent danger in travelling at all, even now. 

On a separate note, I've been seeing a lot of separate but loosely connected stories about Mexico and tensions with the US and their crazy elections and assassinations and violence and travel bans and none of that even touches the migrant issues. I thought I'd kinda do a little roundup on all of that, too. 

But now I need sleep. Stay safe out there.  

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