Tuesday, May 04, 2021

CoViD 19: Biden Sets 70% Vax Goal | Global Cases Highest Peak Than Any Other Time During Pandemic | Oxygen Crisis | Mexico Train Derails |

Last night I was up all night reading Twitter. It was actually fascinating watching people fight over everything. Seems to be there are two major debates happening there at the moment. There was an Atlantic article on the "liberals who can't quit lockdown" vs the-pandemic-isn't-over,-you fucking-idiot people (Guess where I land.) The other debate is whether the US should continue vaccinating our population and likely expanding vaccination to 12-15 year olds next week vs giving vaccines around the world to older more vulnerable populations, specifically India.  

To me the answer to both debates has to do with the world we actually live in and the one we wished we lived in. In the one we actually live in, capitalism rules (no sharing IP), our US health care sucks, our last president politicized a virus, and our country still had the most COVID deaths in the whole world. In the one we wished we lived in, people would do the right thing, get vaccinated when they can, not price gouge during crises, and not have allowed psychotic leaders like Trump, Modi, and Bolsonaro in office. It sucks and people are dying and there are more worldwide cases now than at any other point in the pandemic, but I and many people like me weren't the ones refusing mask wearing, denying the virus, flouting guidance, going to massive events, rushing back to school or 'normal life'. We locked down like we were supposed to. We minimized our risks. We avoided 'normal life' in ways acceptable and detrimental. So sorry, not sorry. I will be getting the kid vaccinated as soon as she's eligible and let the government do what it needs to do to help the rest of the country and the world, and regardless of what #medtwitter has to say about it, I won't be made to feel guilty about that privilege, though I will appreciate it as such. 

And about getting back to normal life...I'm trying to force myself to do something, anything every day. Today we went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park for a couple hours and it was hot but beautiful and empty and Southern White Rhinos Holly and Mwezi came from way down by the stream all the way up to the lookout and waiting for them was totally worth the trip. Darren is waiting for me in the speakeasy so I'm going to call it a night. Maybe I'll post some pictures later. Stay safe out there.  

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