Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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The Bees Were Busy Pollinating the Beautiful Flowers of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. (Taken 5.18.21) 

The coolest thing happened last night. I was on my balcony -- the catio -- when all the sudden Strawberry got spooked and jumped off the wall to hide. I looked over and there was a giant raccoon on the neighbor's roof. Once he saw me, he jumped down into this weird junkyard space my landlord has and then made his way back up and over to the roof of a shed in our yard. Unfortunately in my excitement for it, I stayed up way too late, which made me feel like a piece of shit today. I blew off two calls and am still going through email at midnight. Needless to say, no big adventure today but Darren got us Lefty's Pizza and it was just as wonderful as I remembered. 

I've been watching all of the debate about vaccine passports, masking or not, parents protesting their children having to continue to masks, ad nauseum and it really is exhausting. We have a lot of very stupid people amongst us. For some reason the county's vaccine dashboard was down today, so I used the CDC's vaccine numbers which are significantly lower than the county has reported, presumably just a delay in data, but then I was reading something online that said only 13% of east county residents are vaccinated!! That is insane. (Update 5/20: It was also wrong. This is a clarification from VOSD: The NBC story said the “overall” vaccination rate in East County is nearly 13 percent. That’s not correct. That 13 percent is the percentage of vaccinations in the county that have been given to people who live in East County.) It might spin me into even more lockdown than before! I'm so glad that the State and County are continuing mask mandates, but I hope they extend beyond June. And while I'm making wishes, can we just close California to Utahns and Texans and Zonies and all these other places that are low vax uptake and banning mask mandates altogether?? This stupid virus isn't going away, probably ever, because of the stupid among us, here, across the country, and across the world. 

Stay safe out there. 

  • State Data:
    • Southern California ICU Bed Availability: 33.9%
    • R-effective: 0.89
    • 108 New Cases/279,254 Total Cases
    • 0 Deaths/3,742 Total Deaths
    • 3.8 cases/100k population (Assessed on 5/18. Unadjusted Case Rate)
    • 1.6% Test Positivity (Assessed on 5/18)
    • 2.1% Health Equity Positivity (Assessed on 5/18)
    • 143 COVID-19 hospitalized patients (+5 patients, +3.6% from prior day)
    • 47 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized patients (0 patients, 0% from prior day)
    • 197 ICU beds available (-24 from prior day)
  • County Data:
    • San Diego County COVID-19 Update – 5-19-2021 - County News Center 
    • 91 New Cases/279,344 Total Cases 
    • 4 New Daily Deaths/3,746 Total Deaths
    • 946,130 Fully Vaccinated (Data from CDC as County site is down)
    • 28.3% of population fully vaccinated
    • 1% Daily Test Positivity/1.4% (7-day avg after 7-day lag)/1.4% Test Positivity (14-day average)
    • 3.4 cases/100k population (Assessed on 5/18. Adjusted case rate per 100,000 excluding prisons.) 
    • 99.2% Case Investigation 
    • -3.2% Day Over Day COVID-19 Hospitalizations (108 patients. -36% over 30 days)
    • 35% ICU Capacity (38 patients. -38% over 30 days)
    • 42 Staffed ICU Beds Available
    • 6 New/13 Community Outbreaks (7-day)/65 Active Community Outbreaks
  • Universities:

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