Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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Kamaria will be 3 months old in 5 days (Taken 11.17.22)

I had an interesting morning. I don't usually get much feedback about this website, but every once in a while I'll get a comment or email on an older post and wonder what search someone even did to land there. 

Today a woman was asking me about Tom Delonge, suggesting that he was human trafficked in the late 1990s and the Tom we think we know isn't really Tom, or something like that? And also that my boyfriend looks an awful lot like him so am I sure he's not actually Tom? And then she called me a "lier" because she somehow thinks I was withholding information that would lead to busting the human trafficking case wide open. I tried to explain that while I went to many Blink-182 shows (and Blink, for that matter) back in the day, I don't know Tom and have never met him. So yeah, that was a fun exchange. 

It was a beautiful day in San Diego, so after Darren did a quick bike ride, we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We only did the lower half of the park today but it was still nice. We had skipped the tram the last few trips because it was so crowded but gave it an effort today. We actually seated on the tram but got off because this woman was wearing the strongest, most hideous perfume that gave me an instant headache. If that isn't science on aerosols, I don't know what it. So we disembarked and were able to get on a later tram after spending some time with the cheetah and watching Kianga and baby Kamaria run around the giraffes. I always like getting a new and super enthusiastic driver and we actually got to see a bunch of the rhinos in the Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center which we almost never get to see. After our tram ride, we spent about an hour at Kilima Point where Kacey and Alice and Kianga and Kamaria and a few other of the girl rhinos were all browsing or sleeping and it always feels so powerful to be so close to them with not one single other person around. 

I definitely wanted to go to the Casbah for the Color Forty Nine and The Dodos, but I couldn't get my work done in time and Nova is sicker than she'd been letting on. She tested negative again with her PCR test at school, so we are fairly certain it is just a cold, but now it might cause her to miss her trip altogether. She has a flu shot scheduled in the morning and will have to find out from the nurse practitioner if she should fly at all. It feels like a hard no to me, but it's not really my call, unfortunately. 

The news was interesting today...I didn't bother posting about the Jan 6 asshole getting sentenced because we already know there is no justice in our justice system. The creep congressman was censured which essentially means nothing. The US participated in some summit called the Kimberley Process Plenery about blood diamonds and couldn't get the group to expand the definition of conflict diamonds, so maybe think about that before you flash your bling. Everything else is sorta par for the course. COVID-19 numbers are all over the place depending on the source, so all you can do is know that even for vaccinated people in San Diego, the case rate is higher than what would've kept us in the most restrictive tier this time last year. Not saying you shouldn't live your life, but I recommend maximum precautions, limiting indoor time among people whose vax status is unknown, wear a mask when appropriate, and as I keep telling the kid, keep that air circulating at all times.  

Stay safe out there. 

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