Thursday, November 04, 2021

CoViD-19: US Announces OSHA & ETS For Vaccines | UK Approves Merck's COVID Pill | Unemployment Claims Drop | End-Of-Life Suspension Overturned | Kids Aren't Getting Adequate Sex-Ed |

Amahle Comes Over To Say Hi at San Diego Zoo (Taken 11.4.21)

 I'll keep away from the ugly political stuff today because there was far more interesting news, though in a way I guess that's political, too, because conservatives have gutted sex ed in schools, such that only about half of kids get sex-ed that meets the minimum federal standard, and in California, where we had voted to allow for end-of-life options for terminally ill patients, an appeals court finally overturned a ruling that had suspended that right, another thing conservatives hate, though it's funny because they don't want to provide health coverage for anyone, either. So hard to keep their insanity straight. 

And speaking of, we visited my dad today. There's this funny reaction at the nurses station when they ask who we're visiting. I guess one side isn't palliative care so they only get one visitor at a time, but on the palliative care side, we could probably roll in with a cooler of beers and whiskey and takeout pizzas and they'd be like, "well, okay, I mean...try to keep your masks on as much as possible though?" My dad was in a cheery mood though, so that was nice, and I think he's optimistic because they are telling him if he keeps doing some of the therapies they're teaching him, he can maybe go home next week, and my sister finally made an appointment for my niece (his favorite, even though he's not supposed to have favorites.)

So I was in a generally good mood today and that feels really good. I went to the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours to get my walk in, and a few dozen people lamented that the hippos were sleeping by their beach and then they all left and I went up to the glass and waved a couple times in my jazz hands kinda way, and Funani and Amahle came right over and it was adorable and I swear I'm not imagining it.  

Stay safe out there. 

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