Friday, November 05, 2021

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Feeding Time For Amur Leopard (Taken 11.3.21)

Today was a long, slow day. I had a bajillion emails by the time I even woke up, and didn't even finish getting through them until well into Stephen Colbert's monologue. I did take a break with Darren so we could grab groceries at Vons. It occurred to me that if you've started to notice shortages -- I've not seen anything drastic but some things are harder to get, like pet food, for example -- I would recommend planning ahead a little before the border opens up for non-essential travel again on Monday, particularly at big box and warehouse stores. We'll probably do a big Costco run at some point this weekend just to make sure we've got our freezer and pantry stocked. China actually sent a warning to their citizens to stock up, which led to some speculating an attack on Taiwan or something nefarious, which they quickly denied and said it was because COVID-19 restrictions could be reimposed if cases continued to rise.   

And speaking of rising is interesting to watch or read the news these days, because depending on the source and depending on the spin, the pandemic is completely over and also going to get worse and spin back out of control. If you look at the CDC's map, you'll see that gulf states from Texas to Florida are all doing better than the rest of the country but the story isn't clear if COVID just already burned through the vulnerable populations, if the states have slowed testing and/or reporting, or if their anti-vax rhetoric is all bullshit and the majority of people are really getting vaccinated. The CDC data for California is so out of date, so it would stand to reason the same is true for other states as well. Whatever the case may be, I'm living like we're still in a pandemic and will continue until cases drop significantly. 75,000+ a day is hardly a waning pandemic.

Besides all that, I'm looking forward to the weekend. I was in a pretty chill mode because Pavement had me all panicked from a marketing standpoint and the show sold out super-quick so I felt like I got a free pass to be stress-free the rest of the day, kinda adopting an I'll-get-to-it-when-I-can-get-to-it attitude. So here we are. 

The San Diego weather is going to be perfect this weekend, so be sure to find some fun in this fine city.

Stay safe out there.   

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