Monday, November 22, 2021

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Family Time (Taken 11.20.21)

I think I've had about enough of Dr. Walensky. Today she was asked a question about the wedge being driven through families over vaccines and she does this thing where it's almost like she throws all her medical knowledge out the window like a toddler begging their parents not to fight. Be. Real. If people aren't yet vaccinated, it's too late for Thanksgiving. That ship sailed before Halloween. If vaccinated people don't want unvaccinated around, that's their call, and we need to stop giving this obnoxious loud minority so much time and attention. Shots are accessible, free, and safe. Who wants to share a table with an ignoramus who puts everyone else at risk? Because if they won't get vaccines, you know they're also not following any of the other non-pharmaceutical interventions, like masking, and are more likely to partake in high-risk activities. It's not worth it. Yes, get vaccinated. And if you're 6 months past your mRNA series or more than 2 months after J&J, you should get boosted as soon as possible. But for the holdouts? Most of us stopped giving a shit about them months ago anyway. 

This goes to something else that irritated me this weekend. The new blue line extension of the San Diego Trolley to UCSD opened over the weekend. In a news interview, a spokesman was asked about COVID safety mitigations, and they said that besides masks being required, the cars are sanitized nightly. It would seem to me that SDMTS-- especially since it is now going to UCSD, arguably one of the premiere medical and science schools in the country-- could've advised that they should be talking about ventilation and air exchange on public transit, not on sanitization, which should just be standard always, even pre-pandemic. So as long as we keep asking the wrong questions, centering on the wrong issues, we're going to keep seeing shit like this:

    U.S. COVID update: Daily cases rise for 16 days in a row:
        New cases: 157,959
        Average: 94,428 (+1,584)
        In hospital: 49,531 (+303)
        In ICU: 12,435 (+209)
        New deaths: 1,405
        Average: 1,140 (+10) 
            more data from

Fortunately, I'm happy to report my family is all vaccinated, my niece still needs her 2nd shot, but everyone else is fully vaxxed and those of us who can be boosted are. On Saturday morning, Darren took Nova and her aunt to the airport to go to St. Louis. We lazed around the house and watched too much Netflix. My cousin came down from LA so we all met for dinner at Filippis IB where we sat on the patio and had a nice dinner then hung out at my mom's for a couple hours. We talked about Thanksgiving plans and found out my god-sister's boyfriend is Snoop Dogg's nephew so they're going to the Doggpound for Thanksgiving. WHAT?!!? Obviously that was a fun conversation. After getting home, Darren and I enjoyed a few too many cocktails, which left for a very, very lazy Sunday. You've gotta do it once when the kid goes away but can't make it a habit, you know? 

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the holiday week amongst loved ones and friends and gets a chance to catch up on sleep. I think we all really need it. 

Stay safe out there. 
(I removed the Astra-Zeneca info since it's not relevant to U.S.)

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