Thursday, November 11, 2021

CoViD-19: California Preps For Holiday Surge | Right Back To 2020 | Unvaxxed Still Drive Infections | County Adopts New Procedures For Public Meetings | Pacific Gives Thumbs Up To Bridges |

Funani and Amahle Making A Floaty Lap (Taken 11.4.21)

I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but I can't help myself. Yesterday Governor Newsom talked about preparations for a winter surge and Dr. Ghaly recommended boosters for everyone over 18, though I guess he rolled that back today to adhere to CDC guidance, but I still maintain that allows for a large majority of the population anyway...tell me a job that isn't high risk, there are more Americans with CDC determined comorbidities than not. 

I didn't expect to have so much actual work today but I guess nobody counts Veterans Day as a holiday unless you're actually a Vet. Still, I was able to segment it enough to go to the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours while Nova and Darren went dirt biking. With my schedule the way it is, that 5pm close makes it a challenge to get there, but Jungle Bells will kick off soon so it's not that bad in the interim. I will survive. Oh, and yesterday I was talking about Sea World passes and their Blue Friday special is actually better than I thought, with Buy One Pass, Get A Second For 55% Off, but with three of us, it still begs the question if we buy 3 Silver Passes, 2 Silver Passes and 1 Fun Pass, or 1 Silver Pass and 2 Fun Passes. Or can I wrangle my sister or mom or a friend into the deal? And either way, that pretty much takes care of Christmas gives among us. 

But I did want to get back to COVID-19 a little. Depending what you read and who you watch, the pandemic is over and also ramping back up and also never went away. So I thought I would share a link from one year ago yesterday, when San Diego rolled back into the purple tier, and bars and restaurants that had opened had to close again. Our case rate at the time was 8.9 cases/100k population. Just yesterday, our county reported 14.6 cases/100k population, with a breakdown of 8.4/100k for fully vaccinated and 24.8 for not fully vaccinated San Diegans. You can say this is due to more testing or whatever, I never really kept those stats, but to me, this is clear evidence that we need to keep being diligent, that we still need to mask up, that we still shouldn't really be hanging out indoors among unvaccinated people, that everyone should be vaccinated as soon as possible including the 5-11 year olds, that the CDC REALLY fucked up with their summer mask recommendation rollback fiasco, that we should get boosted after 2 months for J&J and 6 months for Pfizer and Moderna no matter what (if not sooner), that we should be testing frequently if we are traveling, working in high-contact places, or just living life among the unvaxxed. And incidentally, today California is reporting 4,757 new cases. A year ago that number was 3,716, and we know how November and December and January turned out. Yesterday California surpasses 25 Million people fully vaccinated, but that means there are still 15 Million who aren't. It ain't good. This virus will find vulnerable people to attack. Across the country, there are still about 10,000 people a week who are dying from COVID-19 complications, and that's with shoddy and weaselly reporting from red states. It doesn't have to be this way. 

Stay safe out there. 

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