Wednesday, November 10, 2021

CoViD-19: SD Administered More Than 7k Shots To 5-11yo | CA Reaches 25M Fully Vaccinated | Mayorkas Renews Heightened Threat From Domestic Extremists |


Penguins At Sea World (Taken 11.7.21)

Today was the first real time we got any kind of reporting on child vaccinations for COVID-19, and it was quite promising, with nearly a million kids nationwide getting their first doses since they rolled out, "a conservative undercount," according to Jeff Zients. Over the past week, more than 7,000 San Diego kids got their first shots, of a population of 310,643 kids in that age group. My niece turned 12 at the beginning of October and she's supposedly finally getting her first dose tomorrow. Better late than never, I guess, but if she'd gotten it right away, she could be visiting my dad in the hospital by now. Still, I imagine this rollout will be much like the initial vaccine rollout- a rush at the beginning of people who have been waiting for a vaccine, a longer delay for the vaccine-curious or those who want to "see what happens" to all the other kids first, and then it will fall flat to the people who will never vaccinate their kids under any circumstances ever, or until it gets full FDA approval and becomes mandated by schools. My guess it that a requirement wouldn't come until the 2022-2023 school year, at least not for this age group. 

I don't really have any interesting going on. I've been feeling a little run down so I haven't been to the Zoo which then keeps a cycle of feeling run down. We did go to SeaWorld on Sunday and they were decorating for the holidays, for which I'm always a sucker. The penguins, who've been under dark, red lights to match the Southern Hemisphere, are finally lit and super active. It's also the time of year where I have to evaluate whether I want to buy passes again. I got a decent deal in June 2021 for our current Silver passes that included Aquatica and parking, but I don't think I'd recommend the Fun Passes to anyone because parking is not included, which can be $25-$40 per visit. SeaWorld always offers "Blue Friday" specials, which this year they're starting early, but again, the regular annual passes aren't generally included. And then it's like, do I just buy one Silver for the family and everyone else gets Fun Passes? Or do we skip it altogether? We used our passes far more than I expected this year, but part of that was the reservation system was ideal, limiting the number of people in the park. Then they opened wide up, stopped requiring masks for unvaccinated, which until a week ago was ALL CHILDREN, let in as many people as they can cram in the park, and I'm back to my push-pull feelings that I always have about the Park. Conundrum. 

Lots of interesting links today. I'm gonna get to listings and probably skip tomorrow because nobody will be updating numbers on Veterans Day anyway. California surpassed 25 Million people fully vaccinated today, and Dr. Ghaly must've read my post yesterday because he basically says just about everyone qualifies under the current booster recommendations. But it's also worth noting that means about 15 Million people in our state are still not fully vaccinated. The maskless rebels who won't be told what to do among them, and those are the ones who want to live like everything is normal, breathing in your face when you're at the grocery store or going to a bar or restaurant or when you think you're safe in a gym, a mall, a movie theatre. Don't let your guard down...our numbers are ticking up already.

Stay safe out there. 

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