Tuesday, November 02, 2021

CoViD-19: Pfizer Vax Approved For 5-11yo; Shots Can Start Wednesday | Nora Vargas & Chair Fletcher Clap Back At Racists | Covered California Opens Enrollment |

HHS Alumni Rock & Gio Play The Old Globe Dia De Muertos (11.3.21)

I had a rough day. I saw this tweet from someone earlier and it kinda made me feel better, even though it didn't get me through my work any faster and I still have mountains to get to. 
Hi today has been a peel myself off the floor to get anything done kinda day, but tonight I want to say hello to you and also may i remind you to treat yourself with the same kindness, understanding & care that you reserve for your friends. You deserve at least that. - @nataliemorales 

I just couldn't get anything done. I still can't get anything done. Just writing this tonight is excruciating when normally my fingers can't type fast enough for my thoughts. We went to the Old Globe earlier for their Dia de Muertos celebration which was cool, but I wish we'd gotten out at Sherman Heights instead of just doing a drive by. Old Town looked pretty cool, too. I didn't get through my email until very late which super sucks because I didn't know that I had been approved for tickets and a photo pass for Julien Baker until the show was long over. I maybe need a new method for my initial email screenings because it isn't quite working. I also didn't attend Louie's memorial at the Casbah. I guess I wasn't ready for a memorial to be my big foray back into club life. 

So tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I can do better. I'm even backdating this post by 2 hours so I can keep my head straight when I try to do the Wednesday data dump. I obviously didn't do listings, hopefully I can get those up before Wednesday night events start.

No pressure. 

Stay safe out there. 


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