Tuesday, November 09, 2021

CoViD-19: California Seeing COVID Spikes; Get Boosted | Judge Declines TFG Request To Block Jan 6 Docs | Governor Newsom Speaks At CA Economic Summit |

Snow Leopard (Taken 11.4.21)

Over the weekend, Governor Newsom was trending on Twitter. If you took the trip down the rabbit hole, Qs and conservative pundits and MAGAts were going crazy, speculating that the Governor had no public appearances since he got his booster on camera and then two days later, canceled his planned trip to COP26. There's an article about it in the LA Times, but the writing is so bad and the premise so garbage that I'm not gonna bother linking it, but basically their take is that even if he really was fine and really stayed because his kids were upset that he and Jen were going to miss Halloween, that he owed it to the public, particularly his critics, to explain where he's been and what he's been doing. 

I feel like he did everything right. Let the critics go crazy with their theories and outright lies and then make them look like the fucking morons they are who are never to be believed about anything, ever. And of course what happens when he did appear? Crickets. 

I spent the day at my mom's house being smothered by my sister's dog. She's super cute and I love her so much but she made working from home a nearly impossible endeavor. Our kittens get the zoomies for sure, but it lasts like 10 minutes and then they pass out. 

And speaking of passing out, I know my listings are coming later and later every week, but I'm wiped out so I'm gonna have to do them tomorrow. Or maybe like last week I'll just do the day and then get them done on Veterans Day. We'll see. 

Stay safe out there. 

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