Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Baby Giraffe Approx 2 Hours After Birth (Taken 11.29.21)

I was so excited about the giraffe birth yesterday that I didn't even mention that we had this zippy situation where Darren picked me up from the San Diego Zoo, we rushed home, we dressed up (and I put on makeup for the maybe the 4th time in two years) so we could get Nova to derby and us to the Casbah staff photo shoot, all while I was trying to get my giraffe photos and videos to my pal at NBC, which didn't actually work, but I tried. 

But I have to talk about the Casbah photo shoot because it felt so nice to be among almost every coworker. I know I've been absent. I know I've been avoidant. But when there are no customers in the bar and I know we're all vaccinated and the fans are on and we're all chill, I could be a semblance of old me among old friends and happy and not worrying about masks or ventilation or drinking before the kid is asleep...another major thing I've avoided all pandemic even though one beer and one shot is certainly not gonna spin me into a bad step-mom vibe. 

Compare that to today, where I was simply enjoying an afternoon trip back at the Zoo with Darren when his cousin called frazzled that she'd missed yet another flight. This is the cousin whose job it was to fly to San Diego as an escort for Nova on Saturday but who decided to purposely create a six hour layover so they could explore Phoenix after they'd already missed their first flight which had a scheduled layover in Chicago. It hurts my brain thinking about it. So she was at the airport with 5 hours to kill and was asking advice on places to go IN TIJUANA. WHAT?! Who thinks you can just casually cross into Mexico and back and go sight-seeing or shopping or whatever and get back with enough check-in time to catch a flight? 

So yeah, we got sucked into the hurricane, picked her up, treated her to dinner (not quite sure how that worked out), walked around Old Town to kill time, and dropped her off in time for a reasonable person to check in. I was pretty much a day behind in work, but I'm just gonna backdate this post by a couple hours so this post doesn't get mixed up with Wednesday's data dump. 

Now that I'm wrapping up, I'll say that about 70% of my email today was asking for money. Super annoying. I'll also say that omicron is stealing all the headlines, so I've included a lot of links below, but the long story short is we don't know what we don't know, and we only know what we know. But what is getting annoying is people, including Dr Walensky and Jeff Zients, repeatedly saying the virus is "unpredictable." It really isn't. We follow mitigations as best we can and in regions of high compliance the virus stays at bay and where people fight mitigations and deny the virus is airborne and that the virus and subsequent variants are hoaxes and that vaccines aren't necessary/effective/whatever we see consistent resurgences of the virus and continued high hospitalizations and deaths. The waves, at least now, are actually entirely predictable. In my opinion, vaccine mandate deadlines can't come soon enough.

Stay safe out there. 

California R-eff Map. San Diego is FINALLY GREEN! Meaning cases "likely decreasing"
    • State Data:
      • R-effective: 0.69
      • 1,828 New Cases/384,853 Total Cases
      • 3.6% Daily Positivity
      • 10 Deaths/4,335 Total Deaths
      • 312 COVID-19 hospitalized patients (+22 patients, +7.6% from prior day)
      • 88 COVID-19 ICU hospitalized patients (+5 patients, +6.0% from prior day)
      • 231 ICU beds available (+14 from prior day)
    • County Data:
      • 567 New Cases/384,745 Total Cases 
      • 5 New Daily Deaths/4,340 Total Deaths
      • 4.1% Daily Test Positivity/3.8% 7-day average
      • +60 Day Over Day COVID-19 Hospitalizations
      • +2 Day Over Day COVID-19 ICU Patients
    • Universities:

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