Wednesday, December 01, 2021

CoViD-19: Omicron Detected in California | WHO Begins Work On Pandemic Accord | Russia Believed To Be Planning Ukraine Attack | World Aids Day | Governor Newsom Calls Out "Pro-Life" Hipocrisy |

Mags and Jax getting high on catnip (Taken 12.2.21)

I know that inflation is heavy on a lot of people's minds, but it feels like we're lumping a whole bunch of problems together that have different causes. For example, housing has long been a problem, and the social media-ification of real estate and flipping houses and investment properties, not to mention short-term rentals, have completely exacerbated the problem. The richer the top got, the more they took from everyone below them. If every unit of housing was actually occupied year round, I think we'd find the shortage is only made by piece of shit corporate investors and hedge funds. And we've got gas prices high because OPEC+ doesn't really like dems in the White House. Maybe US aid and some of those subsidies and tax breaks to the corporations need to be threatened? 

I was thinking about this the other night as we were having a rare dinner out and I know I have to suck it up; prices are up. And then we were planning a Vons trip today and steaks I used to get for $6.99 a pound on seasonal specials are like $16 a pound right now. That's okay, I don't need a ribeye that bad, but it reminded me of something. And I can't speak for anyone else, but CalFresh expanded massively because of President Biden's American Rescue Plan. And did you know that California expanded the free lunch program to ALL students? If she needed it, Nova could get free lunch every day, and on top of that, a take home snack, dinner and breakfast for the following morning if she was inclined. And that goes for ALL students in the state of California.

If the dems would take control of their messaging, you'd actually know that things are, in a million ways, better than when TFG was around. And I'm trying to remind myself this as we see our fucked up Supreme Court guarantee their own demise as a meaningful branch of our government. 

Today I spent the day waiting for a hospital bed, paid for by the VA, to arrive at my parents' house in case my dad is ever deemed able to come home. It's good to have hope. 

Stay safe out there.  

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