Thursday, December 02, 2021

CoViD-19: Omicron Detection Increasing Across US, World | Biden Bumps Up Boosters, Testing | US Averts Government Shutdown | Inflation Or Corporate Greed? | Don't Mind The Red Bay |

Courtney Barnett from the Archives (Taken at House of Blues 10.11.2017)

Even though I got a couple hours in at the San Diego Zoo this afternoon, I feel like I've been working all day long. I got up early, did actual work for my actual job, did the listings while watching two media briefings and then a Senate committee meeting that I didn't realize was back from October. 

I know I like to keep up with news up to the minute, but if you don't, just know that media is seizing the omicron variant as an opportunity to get clicks, which either means inducing panic and fear or saying all the panic and fear is overblown. And I guess they're both right and they're both wrong, but the consensus remains that we're now about 10 days from having any definitive information about omicron, and even longer knowing what kind of severity of illness it causes since that is a lagging indicator. All you can do is mask up- and maybe with some higher quality N95 or KN95s for precarious indoor situations, consider 3 shots of mRNA vaccines as fully vaccinated, and consider your risk in any situations that aren't your own home, and even in your own home if you have people in your household exposed to high-risk situations. Hopefully antigen tests do drop in price or become free so everyone can just have them in their medicine cabinets when they're needed. I'm not panicking yet. If I was unvaccinated or knew anyone who was, I certainly would be gravely concerned. And if you do test positive after air-traveling from abroad, you should notify your local health department that they might want to sequence your sample. 

And a correction. On Tuesday, I posted a map of California that showed San Diego was showing a 0.69 R-eff (The more under 1, the better. Over 1 is not good.) This was considered great news. Today while gathering my data, I saw this note. "Delays in case reporting lead to underestimates of R-eff. It is likely that decreased testing volume over the Thanksgiving holiday has resulted in abnormal trends." So we're back at 0.93 which is still under 1, but considered "likely stable" instead of "likely decreasing". 

Stay safe out there. 

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