Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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The Fishing Cat Was On The Prowl In A Rare Sighting (Taken 12.29.21)

Today I went to the San Diego Zoo by myself. Darren was doing the household laundry and Nova had a slight fever and stuffy nose. She took an antigen test and was negative, but we'll keep an eye on it. Since I STILL haven't received my test results from DECEMBER 23rd, I'm still kinda stressing about the stupid text message I got. This morning I filled out the form to get results if it's been more than four days since your test and you haven't received results and I still didn't get anything back. It's very frustrating. I'm already a hypochondriac about my back hurting from my 35lb backpack I carry everywhere or is it COVID? Am I tired because I'm a lazy person who needs a lot of sleep but stays up way too late or is it COVID? Is this PMS and winter grumps or is it COVID? And then listening to the White House COVID-19 response team did absolutely NOTHING to make me feel at ease. Do I waste one of the four tests we have left when it is better if I actually have symptoms and will I be able to replace them with the shortages? Do I wait in line for testing among people who have a high likelihood of being sick to still just have to wait another 4 to 7 days for a result? It's all very frustrating. 

But I did go to the Zoo today. And it was good. It started pouring just as I arrived so a lot of people cleared out, but I had a warm jacket, a rain jacket, a rain poncho, my waterproof boots and an umbrella so I was pretty fine just staying. And just as quickly, the rain stopped and the mandrills came out, the hippos gave a good showing, the elephants seemed happy, and I watched the trampolinists and Aurora to catch them before Jungle Bells ends over the weekend. It was easy enough to keep my mask on and mostly stay away from other people. 

So here we are. It's a shitshow, and getting worse before it gets better. At least on our hunt for a library with free tests I was finally able to renew my card and get some books. It will likely be a homebound weekend and a very quiet tiptoe into 2022. 

Stay safe out there. 

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