Tuesday, December 07, 2021

CoViD-19: Too Early To Say Omicron Is Milder SO STOP SAYING IT. | Delta Once Again Overwhelms Hospitals | Biden Zooms With Putin | Photos: San Diego Zoo 8 Day Old Giraffe Calf |


Saba and 8-day old giraffe calf (Taken 12.7.21)

I was so tired last night that I went to bed kinda early for me, which meant I woke up around 1am and then was up for a few hours reading Twitter and here's the conclusions I've made: any expert saying they know anything definitively about omicron is not actually an expert; they are a talking head with an agenda. There is not enough information, there are not enough cases, the population of South Africa's so-called hotspots is wildly different than the US population, their vaccination and infection rates are wildly different, and the lag between getting infected, identifying the infection and recovering or getting sick or hospitalized or dying can be days, weeks, and sometimes months. So we need to all just settle down. If anyone knows a clinic giving away free antigen tests, please let me know. I've now spent about $50 on them and don't want to buy anymore, especially if they're available. Today Jen Psaki and Jeff Zients kinda revealed why they don't just give them out to all Americans: because the same people who won't wear masks and won't get vaxxed would just toss them in the trash. It actually felt like Jen was going to spit it out but she's such a pro she refrained. On the other hand, they also know after seeing toilet paper shortages, they would just get hoarded by those of us who would literally test every 3 days after being in public spaces, so there's that, too. 

So I went to the San Diego Zoo again this afternoon because I really wanted to catch the  giraffe calf after the intel I gathered yesterday. So it is confirmed a girl, she was 147lbs when she was born, and was 5'10" when she was born. I got there later than usual, so I did my shorter lap around the park, then decided to jump on the Kangaroo bus for the next two stops to the mesa. I did a lap around to see the cheetahs and fennec foxes, the donkey and zebra pals, and Henry the rhino. No baby giraffe. So I waited. And waited. And the crowd got tired of waiting and the volunteer who was telling everyone about the baby left, and soon enough it was just me and a couple tourists and she made her appearance. I learned the 10 month old giraffe is named Eleanor and watched her get a little too friendly and a little jealous of the new calf. The elder females all would surround her and protect her before she'd shy back into the barn. But eventually, she came out full fledged and was galloping around the enclosure, exploring the surroundings, and then when everyone was really gone and it was just me and one older lady there, she came right up to the wall, with the 6 other females watching to make sure we made no quick moves. Later, a dad and his little boy came by and the 5:15 warning that "The San Diego Zoo is now closed for the day..." came on, and I sucked up every moment I could before calling it a day. So amazing. I'll post some pictures at the bottom of the post, and maybe stitch together some videos to put on YouTube. I should really buy a video editing program at this point. Nobody needs to hear me baby-talk a giraffe. Don't forget that this weekend the San Diego Zoo kicks off Jungle Bells and will be open until 8pm. 

Stay safe out there. 

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