Thursday, December 23, 2021

CoViD-19: Omicron Surges Above Summer Peaks; Upgrade Your Masks | Merck Antiviral Approved | WHO Acknowledges Airborne Transmission | San Diego Zoo Orangutan Satu Dies |


    San Diego Zoo Announced The Passing of Beloved Orangutan, Satu (Taken 2.3.2020)

But it also meant I committed to staying home for the day which was easy because the rain started falling and I just wanted to be cozy at home anyway. But it also meant I was doom scrolling on Twitter, which is just about the only way to get through the ridiculousness of bingeing Emily In Paris. And I was so heartbroken when I came across the news that Satu, the male adult orangutan at the San Diego Zoo, had died. I loved him so much and he always had those deep loving eyes and the way he played with his baby Aisha was always so cute. So I was super sad. Everyone says they've been "so good" throughout the pandemic and "doing everything right" but I really thought we have been and then I totally let myself slip this week. On Sunday we had a friend over for drinks and while we started outside, eventually we went inside the studio and kept the door open. And then on Monday we didn't go to our Christmas party, so  Jake came over the next day to get his gift. Again, we were outside but while he was here, he got notified that someone in his proximity had tested positive. And then our friend who came over on Sunday texted this morning that someone he'd been in contact with tested positive. It was kinda ambiguous, I think the contact was Monday or Tuesday, after we'd hung out, but we went and got tested again today anyway. Fortunately by the time we were driving home from testing, both of them confirmed negative tests. 

And then I came across the news that a 14 year old girl was "accidentally" shot at a Burlington store in North Hollywood when officers opened fire on an alleged assault suspect, killing him, but a "stray" bullet went through a wall and killed her in a dressing room. Nova is 14. Johanna is 14. It's two days before Christmas. And now at the hands of LAPD, a 14 year girl is dead. Unnecessary shootings happen everyday. People die at the hands of gun violence every day. Cops shoot suspects all the time. But sometimes the story just hits a little harder, strikes a nerve a little too close to home. That could've been my kid. 

So I'm gonna enjoy the kid and my family and I'm gonna take a couple days off since no new data will be reported anyway. I know I have to update listings, but I'll get to it another day.

Have a Merry Christmas. Stay safe out there.

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