Monday, December 06, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Is Still Here As Omicron Spreads | Biden & Putin Plan Call Over Ukraine | Court Upholds SDUSD Vaccine Requirement | Elo-Rivera Voted Next City Council President |


Courtney Barnett at Observatory North Park (Taken 12.5.21)

I'm gonna just skip all the COVID stuff because it really is same-old, same-old: everyone speculating prematurely about Omicron, people still fighting about delta and masks and vaccines and the WHO got grilled over the weekend for still only tepidly saying that COVID-19 is airborne. It's just stupid at this point. You know what you can do to keep yourself safer, weigh risk, etc., so we'll move forward. 

Since I skipped a post on Sunday I will say what a great day it was. We went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park in the afternoon. We've been skipping the tram because they're filling them to capacity and when you hear 6 year olds and 86 year olds all around you coughing, it's gotta be a hard no. Instead we got a lot of time with the cheetah, and then made our way through lion camp and around to Kilima Point where I patiently waited and waited and waited and then eventually little Kamaria the baby rhino and her mom Kianga make their way up the hill and gave us a little interaction for over an hour. It was beautiful and then they moved to their little sleeping area, we moved on to the elephants until is was so dark we couldn't even see them and left the park.

We could've stayed to walk around and see the lights, but we had to get home. Darren whipped up a spaghetti dinner and then we went to the Observatory for Courtney Barnett, which was my first show there in nearly two years. It warrants its own post and more photos, but I'm so glad we went as I dip my toe back into the old life. 

I've also been getting winter cozy so as I've mentioned I've been watching Christmas movies, but none have been good enough worthy of a title mention, but last night I found Harlem on Amazon Prime and binged the whole season of 10 episodes in one night. Which probably explains why I was so tired today, but I still made my way to the San Diego Zoo for the afternoon. I haven't seen the baby giraffe since she was born last Monday, but today a keeper said she was 147 lbs at birth, and that on Tuesday she'll be introduced to the herd and out in the pen more consistently, which I think means they limit how much time she can escape off-exhibit. Obviously, I'll be back. 

Stay safe out there. 


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