Wednesday, December 08, 2021

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Male Koala at San Diego Zoo (Taken 12.7.21)

There are some San Diego Zoo regulars that I run into quite a bit. They all seem nice enough, but I never really considered myself among them. After all, I would rationalize to myself, before the pandemic I would take my laptop and work from the zoo. I live close, so it isn't really out of my way to go there. 

After this week, I have to just suck it up and admit that I am one of the crazy zoo walkers. Today was my third day in a row, and Sunday we went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I take so many photos that my folders have to be sub-named by the park and the month. A girl at one of the little soda kiosks asked me if I was an employee and when I said I wasn't, she said, "but I see you here all the time!" An older woman I was talking to about the baby giraffe told me I should join the morning walkers because so many of the old people are dying off. I talk to the animals. I call them by their names, at least the ones I know. I whistle to the gray parrot. I call at the turacos. I wave at the elephants. 

I am a crazy zoo lady. 

And I'm writing this as if it's any shock to you. As if I haven't already made plans to go on Thursday specifically because it is supposed to rain and the animals generally love the rain. As if I haven't already planned on kicking off the weekend with Jungle Bells. 

But I've said it before and I'll say it again: I feel safe there. Masking is more commonplace than out in the regular world. For the most part, people respect your clear desire to not share the elevator. It's outside but not packed with people blaring radios, a reason I haven't been on an actual hike in the actual world for so long. There are generally neat and clean bathrooms. Refills on my unsweetened iced tea are a buck. Even on a crowded day, you can find sanctuary and quiet empty spaces. It belongs to everyone, and it belongs to just me. I can't wait to go back tomorrow. 

Stay safe out there. 

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