Saturday, December 18, 2021

CoViD-19: Zients Has Had It With The Unvaccinated "A Winter of Severe Illness and Death" | CDC Endorses "Test To Stay" For Schools | County Cases Nearly Double Overnight | Giraffe Calf Gets A Name: Mawe | What Is Recyclable? |


San Diego Zoo Names Giraffe Calf: Mawe (Taken 12.7.21)

I really thought I could go through a day without posting, but there was so much information jammed in my inbox that I couldn't let it skip for a day. Plus, I'd like to get out and do stuff and see the world on Saturday, so it just made sense to go with my momentum. There's new information and data on omicron every day, but with delta still around, the White House COVID-19 team is done placating and keeping their soft messages to the unvaccinated. Here in San Diego, our cases nearly doubled overnight, which is not a good indicator going into a weekend of no reporting and the final dash to Christmas. 

I think I have to skip the group dinner on Monday. 

This really sucks, but we knew when the virus started to be detected globally that these things historically cycle for a couple years before becoming endemic, though with our vaccines, we never had to let it go on this long. The talking point that we lead with science has gotten so old, sometimes you should actually lead with common-sense: tell people to wear masks from the beginning because we didn't yet know enough about the virus, explain why ventilation is critical by acknowledging loudly and publicly and repetitively that COVID is airborne, and continue mask policies among all people, regardless of vaccination status unless you definitively know that vaccinated people cannot spread the virus, which we now know is not the case at all, (though there is still evidence that with delta, vaccinated people are less contagious and when they are contagious it is for a shorter period of time.) Now with evidence that omicron hangs in our airways, it seems more transmissible regardless of vaccine status. And it drives me crazy to continue to see Joe Biden in public situations, coughing into his hands instead of his elbow, pulling down his mask to talk, not wearing a better mask, hugging tornado victims in Kentucky where only 48.6% of people are fully vaccinated, and speaking at a goddamn college commencement where only 51.7% of the population is vaccinated. Stop traveling already! Time to work-from-home, Joe. We kinda need you to be healthy and stick around for awhile. 

And I guess that's true for all of us. We need to be healthy and stick around for awhile. I've left lots of links for reading over the weekend. I think I'll skip the weekend again unless something feels pressing and worth posting. 

Stay safe out there. 

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