Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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Ficus and Tikka Butt To Butt During Winter (Taken 12.16.21)

The other day I posted that mask mandates are back in California for all indoor spaces and in my title I said, "(Finally!)" which compelled some dude to challenge me on twitter, "Next you'll support more lockdowns," he said. I shouldn't have even engaged because I don't need to give someone with 8 followers any clout, but sometimes it's hard to hold back. 

The mask mandate officially went into effect today and of course, our local news always has to both-sides every goddamn story. You'd think that there are as many people against vaccines as for them, yet San Diego County has 76.9% of the eligible population fully vaccinated. Even if some of those vaccinated did so reluctantly because of a job requirement, the vast majority did so on their own accord. You'd believe that as many people are against masks as there are people who believe that they're the easiest mitigation and wear them regularly without complaint. I know this survey is from August so maybe represents just a moment in time, but 67-78% of the public supported mask mandates in indoor public spaces, depending on the space. KPBS did the both-sidesing, too. "Most people KPBS spoke with on Tuesday said they’re okay with it and have not stopped wearing a mask indoors," yet their article went on to quote two people against masks and only one who was in favor.   

Do we need to keep hearing from the dickheads who won't wear or enforce masking, including Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon and Mayor Richard Bailey of Coronado? Fuck these assholes. It's one thing for a business to say we can't feasibly enforce this rule or it could be dangerous for our staff because anti-maskers are batshit insane, but we will post signage and give masks for those who don't have them. It's another entirely to just deny that masking works, to suggest the pandemic is over or not an issue, to just keep insisting that we all move on while 5,000 people a week are still testing positive in this county; while 27 people a week are still dying. It's offensive and it's gross and it's racist, too, because now we know how much more COVID-19 affected communities of color than white people. Maybe we need to go back to the days of showing young white people on vents to make this really stick in their brains. But it's also only a matter of time before they themselves get sick if they're just out in the community living like this thing doesn't exist. 

Stay safe out there.  

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