Saturday, December 04, 2021

CoViD-19: Omicron Spreads; Delta Still Dominates | Thanksgiving Spread Reflected In Case Numbers | President Biden, Get Some Rest! |


I never thought I'd agree with Peter Doocy about anything, but yesterday and Thursday it was obvious that Joe Biden is sick, and though we can be assured by his testing and constant medical monitoring that he doesn't have COVID-19, people should not be working when they're sick, exhibiting any signs of illness. I understand he's the president and his job is unlike any others, but get the dude some Robitussin, a big cozy bed, some chicken soup, and he can Zoom or make calls if he needs to. He needs to stop flying around, he needs to cut his BBB tour and just get better. 

Yesterday was a good day. My mom sprung it on us that my dad was being transported home, so we were gonna wait for Nova to get home from school and head to Chula Vista. But then I spoke with my sister and we decided she would go to my parents' house and I would get her girls from soccer and a friend's house a couple hours later. Then she told me she was in Chula Vista at a Happy Honda Days event where they were giving $60 vouchers for Christmas Trees. She has artificial trees, as do my parents, so we facetimed and picked a tree for us and she was able to snatch up a 6-7' Noble for $65 after the voucher. We usually do a little shorter from Home Depot for about $80, so we appreciated the deal. 

Eventually we rounded up the girls, stopped home to let the dog out, grabbed tortillas and a celebratory cake from Pancho Villa's, grabbed some tamales from our favorite spot in National City, and spent the rest of the night among family. My dad had been hospitalized since the week of my birthday in late September so it was of course, exciting to have him home. 

After a good night with my parents and nieces and everyone hanging, Nova stayed the night and I watched a Christmas movie at home while Darren played guitar in the studio. Today we were up relatively early for us for a Saturday but I had to catch up on all the Friday work I had skipped for the day. During that time I watched another Christmas movie, I helped Darren set up the tree, and then kept working right up until I decided a nap was in order. 

So it was a good day, a chill day, and I mostly caught up with work stuff, though it's always nice when its a sold out night and I don't have to really worry too much about anything. 

Real information on Omicron is still a couple of weeks out, though researchers are gleaning small bits of information by the hour. But it's really important to remember that because of vaccine requirements for travel to many countries, the data will skew and look like only vaccinated people are testing positive which can lead to the conclusion that cases are mild because that's how it mostly manifests so far in people who are fully-vaccinated and young-and-healthy enough to travel in the first place. It isn't hard to see how those conclusions are way too premature to then magnify to different populations with varying demographics, varying vaccine uptake, and varying health infrastructure. And anyway, Delta is still here to destroy vulnerable lungs while we wait to see what Omicron does. So like always, be vigilant.

Stay safe out there. 

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