Tuesday, December 28, 2021

CoViD-19: CDC Adjusts Omicron Estimates; US Surpasses Daily Record Cases | Republic Will Pick Up Chula Vista Trash During Talks | Holiday Bowl Abruptly Canceled | Humane Society Offers $22 Adult Dog Adoptions |


Rainbow Over Escondido (Taken 12.28.21)

Today the CDC revised their estimate that omicron cases only make up 59% of current cases, not the 73% they estimated a couple weeks back. What this means to you and me is that people are still getting delta and getting very sick. And then we have omicron with it's super quick transmission and we have a problem. Because if you recall, just yesterday CDC revised the isolation and quarantine recommendations, partially based on studies about omicron. That is flatly dangerous if California and other regions are still in the thick of delta. And it's dangerous because we just don't know for sure what is happening around us: not enough cases are sequenced. 

Today Darren and I were heading to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park when I saw that a friend posted about free rapid tests being available at City and County Libraries. At that moment, we were on the 15 passing Mira Mesa, so we checked Scripps Ranch Library, but they won't have them to distribute until 9:30am on Wednesday. But at least I was able to renew my library card. We went to the Safari Park but it was kind of a bummer - a little too crowded, we got a there a little too late for the tram, after 5pm the only animals you can see are the tigers and the platypus since they close the lower park. We didn't stay long. 

On the way home, I saw that another friend had picked up some free tests at the Mission Hills Branch, so we detoured and were able to get a couple kits. It is supposed to be one box per person (2 tests), but they gave me an extra as I explained my neighbor and her elderly mother are in isolation after an exposure on Christmas. Fortunately after I dropped the tests for Sam and her mom, Myalisa, they let me know that they were negative. 

Check your local branches on Wednesday.  

Stay safe out there.  

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