Tuesday, December 21, 2021

CoViD-19: Why Case Numbers Still Matter | Testing Not Meeting Demand | Biden Lays Out Omicron Plans; Expands Defense Production Acts For Supply-Chain Issues |

Kamaria learning to joust with one of her many Aunties (taken 12.19.21)

President Biden spoke today about the winter omicron surge and plans to get free rapid tests, available on demand, out to people in January. I should preface by saying that I cannot imagine what 2021 would've looked like if TFG was still in office, but that said, sometimes it is so frustrating listening to Biden speak (and cough). People are trying to be safe for Christmas. Yes, vaccinations and boosters are an overarching priority in general. But going to get a shot today does nothing to protect you for Christmas, or even New Years. So yes, you should get vaccinated yesterday, but at this point anyone who isn't fully vaccinated should not be traveling, should not mixing households, should not be eating out, should not be attending events, and should not be working in jobs with the public. We need local health policies and messaging to reflect that. But apparently we have to worry about alienating people who already won't listen to anyone about vaccines or masks or testing, so the grown-ups in the room get these shaky messages while they dumb it down for the ding-dongs. And as for the repeated comments that "nobody saw it coming," I think if you read the right scientists on Twitter, you know that this wasn't true in any of the waves, including delta and the current omicron variant, although the vaccine evasion is a scary worst-case scenario we were warned about long before vaccines were even available, we just never hoped or thought that would actually happen. Here we are. 

As I mentioned earlier, I spent my morning driving around to get another pair of Binax Now test kits. There's a limit of one package per person, so I've been waiting for the 40% off single item coupons from CVS and then I'll go get a package. We used the home tests when Nova got back from Missouri, but are saving the rest -- I now have three boxes, which is six tests -- to check ourselves before gathering for Christmas. Dr. Wen rightfully pointed out that while half a billion tests in Biden's plan sounds impressive, Americans should be home-testing twice weekly. Half a billion tests is roughly 1.612 tests per person over 2 years old. This solves almost nothing. 

If we can actually go in for a walk-up test in the next day or two, we will, but I'm also not subjecting my family to waiting in some crazy line around potentially sick people. Earlier tonight we went to the San Diego Zoo because I still hadn't seen the projection show "Aurora" this season, and I overheard a girl talking shit about her company's CEO, because he is still not eating out in restaurants. "Can you imagine??" she asked her friends. That was enough for us to drop back and give far more space between our groups. When are we going to just scream "COVID is airborne!!!" ? Tomorrow is the big data dump day before Christmas I'll be back here and then maybe take the rest of the week off. We'll see. 

Stay safe out there. 


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