Friday, November 26, 2021

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Thanksgiving Was Small This Year (Taken 11.25.21)

While we were home preparing deviled eggs and enchiladas to eventually head to my parents' house to hang with my sister and nieces, apparently Nova was spending her Thanksgiving in a church hall with the Republican side of her extended family and now I'm completely pissed that we apparently weren't explicit enough about who and where she was allowed to go while on her trip. It's so frustrating spending nearly two years being so careful and then know that people are on the other side of the country not giving one shit about anybody else. Thankfully she's fully vaccinated so her risk is low, but I didn't want her getting on that plane in the first place and we'll definitely be a lot more discerning if they try to have her back. Obviously we'll be home-testing her upon return and get her back into regular testing at school on Tuesday, too.

Our Thanksgiving was nice and chill except when I got home and realized I still had listings and a newsletter to do. But I got them done and was going to stay offline today but some work things came up and the new Omicron variant of concern was all over the news, so I couldn't not post even if there's no data. And I'll say this about the newly identified variant: we need to stop treating South Africa like shit and trust their science and scientists. We need to stop looking down on other countries when they have better sequencing and surveillance than we do. We need to demand that the CDC get their shit together and get their numbers up to date, their data more transparent, and increasing multi-fold on sequencing. Otherwise, we're just at the mercy of our own most misinformed and in denial and this cycle will just continue on and on. After hearing that news and seeing images of the Comic-Con lines (Chris Morrow, YouTube), all I can say is that I made the right choice for me and my family, but I'm sure it was a blast for those who can be a little more relaxed.

I will say that Darren and I visited the hospital today, though we told my Dad we likely won't visit next week until we give Nova a good week of observation and such. They had to fix some equipment in the room, so we made my mom take a little break and she took us to this nice little garden they have at the VA hospital around the HVAC gear on the 2nd floor. After the visit, we went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park for Wild Holidays. I love Christmas lights but I was a little bummed that they close up several of the areas of the park, including the elephants and Kilima Point. We were able to do the Lagoon Walk before they closed that down, and were going to leave by 6 but discovered Tiger Trail and Australian Outback were still open, so we did that walk, but seeing any actual animals were few and far between. Still, a nice and chill night out. The kid is back tomorrow, so I'll probably take the rest of the weekend off and be back on Monday. 

Stay diligent and safe out there. 


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