Friday, January 23, 2009

i'ma get you sucka

so i forgot to get deep dish pizza in chicago. STUPID.

it's shocking to me how many people dislike it, chicago style pizza that is. the main gripes seem to be that, "it's too much, it's too much like cheesecake." this from crew guys who i've seen devour entire new york style pies like they were cookies. that's the best part about chicago style, you get everything you want in one slice. and who doesn't like cheese? oh boy it makes me miss lefty's on 30th.

ok, ok, so i've little to report as far as food is concerned the last few days. an interesting goat cheese mashed potato aside at chicago catering on inauguration day, i've not been pulling my weight. still, i have the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of my favorite lamb and rice street meat in nyc and poutine in toronto.

in other news...biggest loser comes to the killers crew! will keep you posted as baby, fiddy, potato, cleaux le foie foie, breuning, lew lew, and bleep all vie for the title of killers biggest loser by losing the most percentage of their weight by the time we hit australia in april. as official judge, i'll be making odds if anyone wants to bet on their favorite.

fortunately, the ping pong table is back. my skills have diminished significantly since the last i saw it in australia when i toppled flowers, the king of pong in killersland. my forehand is shaky but my backhand has been demolishing all comers. flowers took me out 21-18 a few nights ago but we have plenty of time left for me to redeem myself. everyone plays and has a different style, from fiddy's sidespin to rob's gorilla style and brandon's extreme focus.

four and a half words for flowers. "i'ma get you sucka!"

toronto today, msg tomorrow!


Alanna said...

You didn't miss anything. I went to Gino's Pizza in Chicago and DID NOT LIKE the pizza. TOOOO much crust. :P And sauce all over everything!

Lazy John said...

I'll take Chicago style over New York style any day. It's closer to Sicilian.

SweetTalkChels said...

Hey Ray! I know you've been busy, but how was MSG???
Chicago Style>New York Style. It's just a fact.