Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Casbah 20th Anniversary Shows

I am at the Casbah for the fifth night in a row, selling the 20th Anniversary shirts.

So far the shows have all sold out or been near sell out. Friday night featured Nashville Ramblers, Plastic Nancy, and Action Andy. The night brought out an older crowd and I was told by multiple people that the Ramblers put out one of the best songs ever to come out of San Diego called "Trains" that was put out multiple compilations worldwide over the years. The word "legendary" was thrown around multiple times in reference to the band. I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to the show as I was entrenched in a conversation about who fucked who back in the day. Unwillingly, I might add, but these are the kind of conversations that seem to happen around the merch table with high frequency. The night was packed with Secret Scooter Society people, old rockabilly and honky-tonk types and it was educational, learning about SD music history that I wasn't of age to witness for myself.

Saturday was a ska night featuring The Slackers and The Impalers. I was relegated to the Atari Lounge because the three acts all had tons of merch they were selling and as I was developing a cold, it was probably better not to be stuck on the smoking patio all night. I'm not really a fan of ska so I didn't mind hanging in the back for the night but the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Sunday night was Mike Watt and The Secondmen with local acts Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects opening along with The Glossines. That night was really fun as a lot of people came out not just for Mike but for the local acts. It was a bit of a rough night for people to come out since many would be returning to work the next morning after holiday breaks but the troopers survived and made for an exciting night. I got to watch the bands for a bit but failed when I attempted pics.

Monday brought out the Anti-Monday Leaguers who were ready for some face melting from The Long & Short of It, Archons, Get Your Death On, and Firethorn and all delivered tight yet brutal performances that were worth sticking around for. Dagart will be posting more about this show.

Tonight I'm here enjoying another heavy rock night with Nightmares who just finished and Demasiado, Hostile Combover and Earthless who all have yet to take the stage. I'm actually gonna sneak away from my booth in hopes of getting some photos. Jon from Demasiado took off all the light filters so I'm hoping to get some decent pics for once. Fingers crossed.

I'm having a blast working at these shows, meeting people who read this site and seeing old friends, and I just like being around for this special anniversary. I hope to see more of you coming out for more of the upcoming shows.

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