Friday, January 16, 2009

Swim Party @ X1FM.COM 01/09/09

Last Friday I had a long work week back from the Holiday vacation, and needed to clear my head from being reminded that i am not independently wealthy, and have to work to sustain my meager lifestyle. Well, anyways, every Friday, has a local band perform in their back area stage. I had watched online before, but never attended the free show. But this time, my friends Swim Party were playing and I got about 5 tweets from people who were going, it was going to be a great time. I swung by Circle K and picked up some PBR tall cans, then headed down to National City, where the station is located. After parking in the Denny's parking lot I strolled up to the station and noticed the nicely printed, plain white paper posted with the words "Swim Party" and an Arrow pointing towards the back of the building. Luckily I am really good at following directions and was able to turn the very accessible corners to find the back door of X1FM. I saw my friend Jake and we caught up while Swim Party was finalizing their gear setup. Eventually, Daye and Andy showed up, and the party was on!

The stage looked great and the vibe was really relaxed, which I liked. You can just come and hang out, which is awesome. I was very impressed with the setup, the stage was very professional, the sound was amazing, and everyone hanging out was really friendly.

When the band started there was a decent crowd, and Swim Party responded. They seemed very energized, really laying into the first song. These guys are so nice and mellow, so you know they are really excited when they bounce around on stage. I don't it was due to their December hiatus, they must have had a lot of musical energy stored up, and I am very thankful for it. With the great sound system at X1FM, set sounded phenomenal from start to finish.

They gave a nice shout out to awkward silences as they tuned in between one song, but there was no silence from the crowd after each song, everyone was really lovin' the music.

I really like what X1FM is doing, and i have to give props to Andrew who DJs the Open Door Session. Every Friday they showcase a local band on their stage. It is all ages, FREE, and starts at 7pm. They have had Get Back Loretta, Drew Andrews, Silent Comedy, and now Swim Party, just to name a few. Tonight Say Vinyl is playing, and that should be a blast! If you can't make the show, you can watch and listen from your comp at, it is pretty amazing and the sound quality and video is top notch.
Check out the more from the show at and I would like to thank them for the wonderful pics they provided me.
Details on tonight: Say Vinyl-7pm-Free-All Ages-2434 Southport Way, SD 91950

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Daye619 said...

Such a good time was had that night. Alex, Eric & Petro performed brilliantly per usual. Lots of Twitter ppl in the crowd too. Good times. You were missed Ro.