Friday, January 23, 2009

Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver, Ken Club, 1.22.09

Last night Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver played a warm-up show at the Ken Club in preparation for tonight's Casbah show and it was really amazing, in part because I realized it was probably the most intimate show I'd ever seen them play since every other time was back when I was underage going to Soma, World Beat Center and the like. They played from a general list of all their songs, at times laughing, "That sounded too tight, let's play one that we'll fuck up," and they kept the crowd laughing when every time they'd say "Thank you, San Diego!" in big rock star voices, they'd launch into riffs from Stone Temple Pilots for comedic effect. The other notably funny part of the night was when a friend of the band yelled out "Peaches" and Andrew McKeag, of Presidents of the United States responded, "We'll play that shit. It will cost you $1500, but we'll play it." They didn't, of course.

As for me, I had intended to make a streak of the Casbah shows, but since Louis XIV had their own merch people, I decided to break the streak so I could walk to my local haunt for the show. And then didn't even feel like drinking. Go figure. UJBOD just finished their Casbah set and once again gave me an ear to ear smile. Tonight is a very good night.

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