Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Undercarriage: Classy Wednesdays

There is nothing better than spending over half a month standing on a smoking patio nightly and then being invited to come in for a facial. Seriously, I am so grateful. Today I spent an hour at The Undercarriage getting a Pumpkin Peel/Facial from Malinda and it was to say the least. It's part of their special pricing on "Classy Wednesdays" (20% off for new clients with the add from CityBeat) and if I'd actually eaten before I went in, I might've taken her up on her offer for champagne before my appointment, but decided it was a good day for detoxing. Regardless, I haven't felt so relaxed in a very long time and I highly recommend stopping by. They offer facials, massages, and waxing for reasonable prices and your indie ears will be pleased by the iPod of beautiful Radiohead, Bright Eyes and other great tunes. Tell them you saw it here, on SD:Dialed In. Click their site for more info.


abraham said...

the Undercarriage IS AMAZING! Bestest people/service in town! Yes, they service men too.

Heather Ace said...

I ADORE THE UNDERCARRIAGE!! There aren't many situations as awkward as waxing but Kirsten is such a pro it ain't no thang, the glass of wine she offers helps too:) CHECK EM OUT!!! Its a gorgeous place too.

penelope said...

I love The Undercarriage.!! Super cute and comfy place..for waxing or facials. I get all my Epicuren Products there. Very convenient location in Bankers Hill.