Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motley Crue Giveaway

In catching up with e-mail and realizing that there's a whole bunch of good stuff to come in 2009, even when the Casbah anniversary month ends, I thought it was time to start looking to February. With shows like The Bird and The Bee and Obi Best at the Casbah to bands like Dead Confederate and Devotchka at the Belly Up, it's clear that bands are back on the road again gearing up for SXSW or festivals or just taking advantage that gas prices are back under control (for now, anyway).

One band hitting the road and making their way to San Diego is Motley Crue. They'll be at SDSU's Cox Arena on Monday, February 2nd with Hinder, Theory of A Deadman and The Last Vegas. While I unfortunately don't have tickets, I do have some Crue swag on it's way. If you'd like to enter, tell me any Motley Crue story (tkeep them factual) and I'll choose two winners. Tell me how you got in trouble for sneaking out to go catch them live, they were your first record, that you dressed like them for halloween, whatever. I'll choose the winners at random.

The first place winner will receive a pick guard signed by the band.

The second place winner will receive paperback copies of their New York Times bestseller, The Dirt and Heroin Diaries paperback and Saints of Los Angeles on CD.

Send submissions to sddialedin via gmail. Include a contact number so I can notify the winners.

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