Thursday, February 03, 2022

CoVID-19: Cases Continue Decline, Deaths Keep Ticking Up; #1 Cause of Death in LA March '20-December '21 | San Diego County Jail Audit | One Fair Wage Releases Relief Report |

Male Koala Savoring His Dinner (Taken 2.3.22)

I've mentioned before that I don't get many comments on this site, but sometimes I just have to laugh. With regard to my post last night, some jackhole commented, "Judgmental much?"


Have you never read a blog before? 

Today was a lovely day though I scrambled to get caught up with work and stuff, and we had to go help my dad with his lift which takes a chunk of time out of the night. I did get my visit to the San Diego Zoo in today, but got there a little later than I intended. No racist microaggressions from old ladies today, just some sweet time with the mandrills, the hippos, the elephants, the lone rhino and the giraffes.

I'm not really sure what this weekend holds for us, but I'm certain this face will be smooshed again my pillow for many, many hours. 

Tonight I watched a news story which celebrated that San Diego's case numbers and ICU and hospitalization numbers were coming down, "though deaths are up" and I was just astonished that we're two full years into this thing and we're celebrating when hospital beds open up without acknowledging the 20+ people a day dying consistently in San Diego. It's mind-boggling. 

It seems like all the testing issues have been resolved in the County and with access to at-home tests, though I still haven't received my free ones. If you're looking and still can't find them, Costco has them available online for $40 for 5 FlowFlex tests, which is the cheapest I've seen anywhere. We're still masking up no matter what as the broadcast heads keep telling us everything is fine when everything is not fine. From December 1st to February 2nd, San Diego had 320,643 confirmed cases with PCR tests. This doesn't even include people who tested positive with antigen tests. That's 45% of ALL the cases the county has ever had since the beginning of the pandemic! So while you're hearing these people suggest that masking in schools should end or vaccine verifications are medical apartheid, just remember that we are by no means out of the woods. Dr. Peter Hotez is predicting we hit 1 million deaths by the end of Q1 and it is so unfortunate that he is most certainly going to be proven correct.  

Stay safe out there. 

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