Monday, February 21, 2022

CoViD-19: Prematurely Moving On | US Issues First Sanctions On Russia Over Ukraine | Canada Extends Emergency Powers |

Orca Experience at Sea World (Taken 2.20.22)

I had been looking forward to President's Weekend because I thought it would be a chance to reset a little bit. Instead I've just been a zombie. My sleep patterns are worse than ever. I worked at Soda Bar on Saturday and we went to Sea World on Sunday, but it took everything I had just to get out and do anything. I guess I forgot that I prefer the weekdays when the world feels a little less crowded, a little less claustrophobic. 

I did my best to dodge the news, but between countries and states just deciding the pandemic is over and the feeling that there's not one thing we can do about the situation in Europe except just watch, everything starts to feel a little out of control. My wheels just start spinning sometimes and I start imagining every horrible doomsday scenario and I have to pull myself back in. I'm trying to just live my little life in this little corner of our little pocket in the world, but sometimes it is a lot. So today I tried to turn my attention away from news and just watched new-to-me shows on Hulu. I buzzed through Creamerie, a dark comedy from New Zealand about a post-plague world in which only women survived, and now am watching Jann, a comedy about an aging singer-songwriter who finds an aggressive young manager who plots her comeback. It's pretty entertaining and distracting, most of all, which we all need sometimes. 

I'm sure Tuesday will be a better day. I can go back to my routines and the small things I can control and get some fresh air and some quiet time and mostly focus on the the abundance of goodness around me instead of the minute by minute news cycle of psychopathic authoritarians doing some old fashioned dick-swinging. Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡.

Stay safe out there. 

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