Wednesday, February 23, 2022

CoViD-19: San Diego Surpasses 5,000 Deaths | SDUSD Vaccine Mandate Goes Into Effect Summer '22 | Russia Invades Ukraine | Soda Bar Earns Live Music Society Grant!! | FDA Approves 1st Condom For Anal |

3 Month Old Mawe (Taken 2.23.22)
With the holiday weekend data caught up, San Diego hit the milestone of exceeding 5,000 deaths while reporting nearly 3/4 of a million cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The good news is that over 80% of eligible San Diegans are vaccinated, even if the news channels make you think it's more like 50% by platforming all these morons who are still fighting masks and shots. 

After I wrapped up listings today, Darren and I hit the San Diego Zoo for the last hour of the day. I cannot wait for them to expand hours because this 5pm closing can sometimes cramp my style. That's how we ended up at Sea World over the weekend: it was too late for the Zoo that night. Still, it was fun and we closed the day with Mawe, the baby giraffe, going crazy with the zoomies. 

Besides all the crazy news out in the world, I wanted to congratulate Soda Bar, which was announced today as the recipient of a Small Venue grant from the Live Music Society. That is super awesome for them. 

Today's general news was all over the place and I'm trying to wrap my head around the Ukraine situation and watched the White House daily press conference as well as the entire State Department briefing and the crazy interview with Wesley Clark on CNN. It's definitely not looking good. It feels a little messed up to be just carrying on as normal, but what is the alternative? Whatever you do, do not fall into the 24 hour news hypnosis. Believe me. It's not good for anyone. 

Stay safe out there. 

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    • East County Man Dies from Influenza - County News Center (2.23.22)
      • 38 New Cases This Week
      • 1,582 Total Cases This Season
      • 3 Deaths To Date
    • Congratulations to SODA BAR for being awarded a Small Music Venue Grant for Spring 2022!! Grants are between $10k-$50k!!
    • Russia attacks Ukraine - CNN (2.23.22)
      • General Wesley Clark in live interview warns that Russia will do anything -- "use unconventional weapons" "could use nuclear weapons to make a point" to NATO or anyone who interferes with his "plan to reestablish world order".
    • SFRC Chairman Menendez Statement on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine
      UNION CITY, N.J. – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, tonight issued the following statement in reaction to Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine:“This unprovoked attack has brought into sharp focus the need to expel the current Kremlin leadership from the international community. Today must mark a historical shift in how the world views and deals with the despot in Moscow.

      “Tonight, my heart is heavy for the people of Ukraine. As we pray for them in this dark moment of uncertainty, it is clear that history will prove Vladimir Putin’s decision to sacrifice the lives of countless Ukrainians and Russians was made out of fear—fear of allowing a neighboring independent, sovereign nation to pursue democracy and freedom.

      “The United States and our allies have successfully galvanized an international coalition to counter Russian aggression; now we must refuse to stand by and watch innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children suffer. As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I am committed to ensuring that the United States upholds our responsibility to exact maximum costs on Putin, the Russian economy, and those who enabled and facilitated this trampling of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

      “Ukrainians are a resilient, determined people. We know that they will stand up for their country and their freedom. And we will continue to stand with them. But tonight, our prayers are with an entire nation, young and old, who refuse to let a tyrant use military might to impose his will on Ukraine.”

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