Friday, February 11, 2022

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Devi Enjoying The Big Enclosure With New Enrichment at Golden Hour (Taken 2.11.22)

I feel like I had a whole bunch of interesting things to share, but now I'm just ready to finish up my work for the night and get some sleep. My day was chill per usual. Darren and I went to San Diego Pretzel Company so we'll have munchies on Sunday should we end up watching the game with my parents and then I walked around the San Diego Zoo for the final hour before close. The hippos were back on habitat, but I couldn't really identify any work that had been done, except maybe they rewired the barricades that jerky kids love to climb, resulting in them snapping often. I go by the orangs often to check on the baby boy, but apparently he won't be out for at least a few more weeks as Indah continues to recovery and learns how to mom again. I did a full lap of the Zoo and by the time I got to Mawe, the now 2 month old giraffe, she started going nuts and galloping all over the enclosure and then I called it a day. 

I've been thinking about COVID a lot lately. Now that everyone can get accessible tests again and the state drops mask mandates for vaccinated (which means everyone because the unvaxxed never complied in the first place) many are acting like this is all over. Meanwhile, San Diego County still reported over 2000 new cases today, and there were still almost 3000 new deaths in the US. When we had the tiered system in California, it was very clear what would happen when cases got too high or hospitals got too full. But after vaccines, those metrics got a lot more murky because vaccinated and unvaccinated people are just not even in the same ballpark. It was a critical miscalculation to assume that everyone would be clamoring for vaccines, and with the US hovering around 65% vaccinated, some physicians are now asking for "onramps", i.e. metrics to use if and when future surges of known or unknown variants return. And we did this dance before so we know it is likely. As summer 2021 came around and things got warm, cases dropped as it was believed everyone would just do stuff outside and avoid indoors, then cases rose and it was said that it was because it was too hot, so everyone moved back inside for air conditioning. And then it was because things cooled down for fall. And then it was because the holidays. And now we declare victory even though our cases are still higher than delta peaks and because we tried to vaccinate everyone so now if you're unvaxxed and you die, I guess the government has joined many who feel like you had your chance and as the right loves to say, fuck around and find out. I hope that California - whether that be Governor Newsom or Dr. Ghaly or Dr. Pan or Dr Aragon - clearly define these off- and on-ramps or else we're just throwing our hands up and declaring we're done and we're just cool with 3,000 deaths a day. 

Stay safe out there. 

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