Wednesday, February 02, 2022

CoViD-19: Nearly 1/4 Of Total US Cases Happened in the Last 28 Day | San Diego Can't Get Its Shit Together With Short Term Rentals | Skyfari Is Back |

The Skyfari at San Diego Zoo Is Back In Operation (Taken 2.2.22)

Earlier on Wednesday while walking around the San Diego Zoo, I stopped to take this photo of the Skyfari back in action. I had an exchange with a woman who quite clearly demonstrated her racism without actually saying anything racist. She asked what I was photographing. When I told her I was shooting the Skyfari, she said something to effect of how she's glad it's working again and asked if they caught the thugs who shook it off the cable. When I said they had arrested them for felony vandalism she was glad that they were gonna make those kids pay. Clearly she had an idea of who would do such a thing. When I told her they were Marines, suddenly she stiffened, suddenly she was sure that their command would and ought to handle them, that the punishment from their command would be worse than civil punishment would be. "They won't want to put them in the brig because they invest so much in training them. I was married to a marine." Once she found out they were Marines, her stance on prosecution suddenly diminished. She didn't have to say anything racist for me to hear the dog whistle in the length of the exchange. 

Rules for thee and not for me. This is why I'm so annoyed with Newsom's little folly at the game. Just wear the fucking mask. Keep it on. Or have a beverage in your hands at all times. It isn't that hard to be frozen in a moment or photo that people will politicize. The indoor mask mandate is going to expire on February 15. If CDPH even tries to extend it, the pushback is going to be crazy, even though it would just revert back to mandatory masks for unvaccinated, which was as good as having no policy at all. Maskholes and anti-vaxxers are one and the same. 

Tonight I worked at the Casbah and accepted the job because I'm outside the entire time and knew it was going to be a smaller, mellow crowd. But hearing so many people talking about their pandemic point of views makes my head explode. It's true, we don't definitively know what the future of this pandemic means, but we better damn well hope the next variant or the one after that doesn't transmit as easy as omicron and completely evade vaccines or we are super fucked. We're stuck under 65% of Americans vaccinated. 23.6% of all US cases since the beginning of reporting were tallied in the last 28 days. This past week we've had like 20 deaths a day in San Diego, with 99 from 1/23-1/29 when there were 21 TOTAL just the week before that. It's not terrible for those of us vaxxed and boosted, but it is for everyone else. 

It's 1am and I just got home from work so I'll update all the other usual stuff on Thursday. 

Stay safe out there. 

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