Sunday, February 27, 2022

CoViD-19: CDC Releases New Mask Guidance: San Diego Community Level Still "High" | Biden Announces Historic SCOTUS Nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson | Ukrainian Invasion Continues |


Denny The Gorilla (Taken 2.15.22)

I forgot to mention on Thursday's post that I would be working on Friday night and wouldn't have a post and now it's after midnight so I guess I didn't get it in on Saturday either. I sold merch for Del Water Gap at the Casbah and I went in feeling a little nervous because the show was sold out and I definitely pre-judged that the young artist would have a ton of merch, but the reality was that their tour manager was on top of his game, had a ton of stuff but organized by size in separate bins and their square reader and paired Touch were super fast and the very young, enthusiastic crowd was very chill and made for a very easy night. I guess the kids are alright. 

After I got home I stayed up all night and binged Murderville on Netflix. Super mindless funny show if you need something to get out of your own head and tune out the awful stuff going on around the globe and particularly in Ukraine. A silly show and I guess my current obsessions with Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, and Worldle help in that way, too. 

I'll skip a Sunday post, but will be back Monday when the state of California is poised to announce their mask updates, likely to align with the new CDC recommendations, though that leaves us in San Diego with high levels in our community and thus nothing should be changing here, though it will be interesting to watch if the state just relents and scraps it all. I mean, as long as you can rationalize that the people still dying are already sick, old, or people of color, or all of the above, the value of their lives pales to the capital E Economy, as we've already seen in other states and countries. I guess we'll see how California plays it. My mask will still be on. 

Stay safe out there. 

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