Monday, February 14, 2022

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Happy Valentine's Day From Me and D (Taken 1.31.22) 

I finished watching Inventing Anna over the weekend, and I'd already watched The Tindler Swindler and then I watched all these old interviews with Anna Sorokin and it must've really gotten in my head because even though I went to bed early on Sunday, I was tossing and turning with bad dreams all night, of every asshole in my life who has ever taken from me..the college roommates who stiffed me for rent and never paid even after I won in court, the boyfriend that I supported while he did his Masters only to breakup the second he graduated, the salesman boyfriend who "borrowed" a credit card and never paid back then stalked me at the Casbah to feign some apology. Ugh. It's so easy to watch these shows and think that these people who get conned are so stupid until you retrace these scumbags you come across everyday in real life, and they're everywhere. So it all got in my head and I didn't sleep and so when I thought I'd finally go to the Zoo after working today, I ended up just taking a very long and very needed nap. 

Still, it's Valentine's Day, so I don't mean to go on about bitter loves of the past, because things are actually pretty good around here. This was my 10th Valentine's with Darren and it was my choice to lay low, though when we finally decided on dinner, Super Cocina definitely hit the spot. Maybe we'll do something a little more ceremonious later, but all that was just fine for me, though my parents gave us a bunch of chocolate which I may have to attack soon. 

I did watch the super long press conference with California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Ghaly and you can save yourself the trouble because there was no new information. Masks for vaccinated people in indoor public spaces has been downgraded from mandatory to strongly recommended, but masks are still required in daycares, K-12 schools, public transit, health care settings, congregate care facilities, and prisons and jails. Masks are still considered mandatory in indoor spaces for anyone not fully vaccinated over the age of two, though as always there's no enforcement of that at all. The state will continue to follow the multiple data points and reassess the student mask mandate on February 28, but expect that date to be more of a target for a laid out plan for the metrics with which masks could be removed in the future, not an actual date to drop masks. 

Stay safe out there.   

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