Tuesday, February 08, 2022

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Amahle & Funani (Taken 1.27.22)

While it seems everyone is doing a victory lap, COVID-19 is still not done with us. The Omicron BA.2. variant is picking up the pace in Denmark and they're saying it is 30% more transmissible than BA.1, and there's evidence that prior infection doesn't prevent reinfection. If this thing takes hold here, we may all be right back to fucked again. The will to have any kind of mitigations is pretty much all used up and we're now giving in to the vocal minority of anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and anti-mandate cohort, revealing itself to be made up of exactly who you thought it was-- racists, misogynists, bigots, supporters of TFG, insurrectionists, domestic extremists, creationists, flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists and the like. It's all connected: January 6, the Ottawa truck convoy, Russia threatening Ukraine, shootings in grocery stores and churches, fights on airplanes, protests in New Zealand, Belarus, Poland, and elsewhere. Same people, same ideals, same same same. I'm grateful to live in a place where I'm not harassed for masking up, that my friends and family and workplace are on board with maximizing safety precautions, that the kid's school district will continue with masking policies until it is truly safe to remove them, whenever that may come. 

I fully intended to do a Monday night post as usual, but I was feeling dizzy and ended up crashing by like 10pm, resulting in me waking up at 3am, and so here I am trying to get through Monday's junk so I can be clear headed for Tuesday. I did get to go to the San Diego Zoo for a little while on Monday afternoon and was kind of worried to see barricades around the entire hippo pool, but a worker suggested they might just be renovating the railing or benches or glass. February 8 is Amahle's 2nd birthday, so hopefully everything will be back to normal today. I think they had a fancy donor party last night to preview the new "Base Camp" area opening next month, which is exciting because the designs and concepts are amazing, but also it means the mommy militia will probably go back to just occupying that area with their thousand dollar strollers.    

There are a lot of news and clips below, but I had to comment on the "Decision Fatigue" article in KHN because oh-em-gee, that shit is legit. I've always thought of it as the squirrel problem -- you give a squirrel two cashews, the squirrel is paralyzed by the choices. I've noticed this more and more, especially when it comes to eating. We have so much quality food at home, but having to choose what to eat gets so exhausting that I just wait until I'm so hangry that I just end up shoving junk in my mouth instead of eating a proper meal. Same goes for just leaving the house...I used to have a little list in my brain of great spots to go in San Diego and now I basically only go to the Zoo. Which has been fine and worked out for me and I love shooting photos, even if nobody will ever see 99% of them, but part of the reason we did Mission Trails, Sea World, and IB over the weekend was because I felt guilty that everyone kinda always goes along with whatever I want to do. All this to say, I'm hoping to adventure a little bit more than I have been. Certainly not a victory lap, but just to take better advantage of the upcoming heatwave and check out places we haven't been in awhile, grateful that the case surge is diminishing, at least for now. Plus I got an email from USPS saying my tests will arrive by Friday. Now that they're readily available we can be a little more liberal with our usage. For now, anyway.

Stay safe out there. 

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