Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Kangaroo Mama & Joey at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 2.22.22)

What a difference a day makes. I went to bed early on Monday night and was up at the crack of dawn to get some work done and set about my day. I can't do anything about Russia and Ukraine, about gas and rent prices, about babies being poisoned by bad formula, about the idiot I heard about over the weekend who was so drunk his corgi shot itself in the paw because he left his loaded pistol on the ground when he passed out on the couch. What I can do is turn off the 24 hour news and walk away. It isn't that I don't care, it's that as a bit of an empath, I care too much and paralyze my own life functions if I don't turn it off.

Darren had committed to a day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park with me, so by the afternoon we were on our way. 

When we got there, we walked through the gates and within 10 minutes it was pouring. We quickly returned to the car where I had brought my waterproof boots, reassessed our jacket and umbrella situation, and spent the afternoon walking in the sometimes sun, sometimes drizzle, sometimes downpour of the afternoon. We got to see a joey popping his head out of his mama kangaroo, we got to see the 18 day old giraffe, and we got to see all the African plains animals on the tram super close up as they were more active because of the rain, staying higher on the hillsides than down in the valleys. Even the zebras were out, which I guess is a fairly new thing as they were always cordoned off from the rest of the herd animals. We were able to see all three baby southern white rhinos on the tram, too, though they didn't make appearances up on Kilima Point, presumably because they sometimes fill the troughs of food for rhinos, but today had stocked the tree feeders for the giraffes instead. 

When we drove home it was raining and we hit traffic but all was good once we were home eating takeout tacos from El Panson. The bad news of the world is always there in your face but the joy is there, too, if you just let yourself see it. 

Stay safe out there. 

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