Sunday, February 06, 2022

CoViD-19: Deaths Still Surging As Lag From Cases Reveals | Ottawa Under Siege | NAVY SEAL Candidate Who Died Left Yale After Rape Accusations |


IB Pier and Sandpipers (Taken 2.6.22)

I had such a nice weekend that I thought I'd do a quick post just to get myself ready for the inevitable Monday tsunami. I mentioned that on Friday night we went to Astronomy Night at Mission Trails Regional Park. Everyone went to bed early so I binged "In My Skin" on Hulu. What an amazing series. 

On Saturday we went to Sea World in the afternoon, after Darren and Nova were done with a piece of their current project, which is sprucing up an old electric guitar Darren has. Sea World has a new rollercoaster opening in March, and if you're a passholder and have used your pass three times in a specific time frame, you get invited to the premiere of the ride, so we needed Nova to go through the gate one more time to make sure she gets the invite. We watched the orca show, Nova got to ride Electric Eel four times, and I got to talk to the dolphin trainers for awhile. It was pretty chill, especially for a Saturday, though I expected a little more entertainment for their month-long Mardi Gras celebration (on weekends only). We went to help my dad at night, and by the time that was done, Darren and Nova were zonked so I stayed up and binged The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman on Netflix. Super gross, but riveting television. 

Today I'd hoped to go to Safari Park, but I was late getting ready to go to my parents' house to help my dad which actually worked out because my niece needed to be picked up from a friend's house, so we ended up getting her, hanging out at my parents' house, then goint to IB for the sunset before getting home a couple hours before having to go back to help my dad again. 

There's not a lot of news on Sundays except the stupid things Joe Manchin says on boring ass morning shows, but three things I'm watching are the situation in Ukraine --- will they or won't they? --, the Jan 6 modeled siege in Ottawa, clearly not just a "Ottawa truckers" protest, and wondering if the Navy will release the cause of death of the NAVY SEAL candidate who had finished "hell week" but then died. He quit Yale because of rape accusations and his frat was also under investigation so it's of course always fascinating to hear someone hailed as a hero postmortem. And of course, COVID still sucks. 

Stay safe out there. 

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