Friday, April 08, 2022

Congress Approves Future SCOTUS Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson | Pelosi Tests Positive | San Diego Needs To Shove Bike Lanes Down Your Unsafe Driving Assholes' Throats |


Today was that kind of day. Tiger at San Diego Zoo (Taken 4.7.22)

I was gonna skip a Thursday post but then I started it and felt like I'd rather do it now than Friday, or bump until Saturday, and because today was so historic in the approval of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. Of course, she was actually only approved and won't be confirmed until Justice Breyer retires, but the point remains that it was a big day and worth a post, though I got about 32 emails about it so now it already feels like old news and suddenly we're going to forget the misogynistic and racist attacks she had to endure to get here. I am not looking forward to the hellish depths that midterm elections are going to bring. 

With Darren now happily working -- and loving his new job in spite of the commute -- I've had to go back to shuttle mom, so while I did get some time at the San Diego Zoo today, I had to leave to pick Nova up from the house, take her to her piano lesson, met up with Darren at Rite-Aid to swap baggage then sorted out that he would go home and pick-up tacos for dinner and I would pick up the kid and get home and we would all finally have a couple hours together before we were reminded it was our night to help Dad so we were off to Chula Vista and I was just feeling a little overwhelmed and tired and I don't know how people do this all the time, like my sister, shuttling her girls to soccer after working full days and my mom taking care of my dad all day long and I'm whining in my own head because it's hot and I justifying that I had to get outside time at the Zoo while trying to figure out how to wear earbuds, a mask, realizing hoops were a terrible idea, while trying to shoot photos and toting around a retro 32 oz drink in my hand all the while, knowing I had work to do, posts to post, emails just vying for my attention. At least I started the work newsletter early so I was done by the time we had to drive to Chula Vista. This post is really just for my own peace of mind as I know there is no demand for my hot takes on why people complaining about bicycle road-striping all need to STFU because if the news really reported how many pedestrian and bicycle deaths occur every week, how many hit-and-runs, and if cops didn't falsify reports all the time to benefit drivers when dead cyclists can't speak, perhaps we'd have a little more tolerance for any measures that slow our roadways down for ALL users. San Diego needs to push through, stick with the bike plan, and everyone will get over it. On my way to pick up Nova, I drove the length of Adams Avenue to 30th, and 30th down to Upas, and every restaurant was full to the brim. The streetscapes full of yes, cars, but also bikes, pedestrians, and patio diners. It is beautiful and isn't news. The rest of the roadways will be the same. (My high school English teacher's red pen is stroking through this whole paragraph of run-on sentences and non-sequiturs. Love you, Grace!!)

My problems are so dumb, and then I look at that little 'Spot On' app reminder and it all makes sense. So we got home from my parents', where I hijacked booze from a closet of booze they'd long forgotten about, had a few drinks with Darren, and will fully reset for Friday. 

Whatever variant or recombinant is rolling through DC is super "catchy", and though it doesn't appear so prevalent here, it could be soon as tourists descend on our city because it is the best place to be. Always. Even when it's 95 degrees in April. 

Stay safe out there. 

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