Saturday, April 02, 2022

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Walrus Kisses at Sea World (Taken 4.1.22)

I'm sitting in Bob's Razzmatazz Room at the Casbah, currently selling merch for Bob Mould and it is a perfectly chill show to get my work done. On Friday we spent a few hours at Sea World. I had a little special moment with the walrus who was just giving me uninterrupted attention for about 10 minutes, about as curious about me as I was about him, thus the super blurry cell phone photos, but it was too cute and magical to not post. By the time we left Sea World, slammed some dinner, then went to help my dad, I didn't have much motivation to do any work. So today is kind of a hodge podge of yesterday's news, and I guess things will slow down as everyone seems to just be in the living with the virus phase of life, rumors swirl that Jen Psaki is leaving the White House for MSNBC, and the war in Ukraine rages on as mixed and unconfirmed intelligence continually report conflicting accounts. I'm gonna go shoot some pics of Bob before he finishes. Also, Darren finally got the call from Safari Park that he's starting on Monday!! YAY!! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. 
Stay safe out there.  

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