Friday, April 01, 2022

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Mama & Kid Golden Takin (Taken 3.25.22)

I am so behind this week. My inbox from Thursday is still full of Wednesday and Thursday emails, I still haven't watched County Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher's State of the County address, and now I have at least four shows worth of photos and posts that I need to get up, but like I warned at the beginning of the week, it's Spring Break for Nova so we've been running around, my sleep schedule is eternally out of whack, and I had to make sure to get some San Diego Zoo and Sea World time in this week or else I go kind of crazy. 

Today, Nova actually came with me so she got to see Wildlife Explorers Basecamp for the first time, and she also got to see the animals at peak interaction...the mandrills smiling at us, Denny the gorilla checking out my photos on my mobile, and Amahle the hippo swimming over and giving kisses through the glass, then doing a double somersault. Pure magic. I also ended up going to the Good Morning show at Soda Bar, though I was called off as merch person at the last minute, but it gave us more time at the zoo and we were able to get some shopping in at Vons before they go on strike, which seems imminent because the corporation and the union are miles apart on acceptable wage increases. Hope that works out for the workers. I'll hopefully get somewhat caught up on everything this weekend and may also brave into finally doing my taxes...if I can even find all of my forms this year. Fun times all around. 

Have a great weekend, maybe I'll see you at Bob Mould. 

Stay safe out there. 

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