Saturday, April 09, 2022

DC Superspreaders: Wear A Goddamn Mask! | Pandemic Trauma | Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes History |

Lowland Gorilla at San Diego Zoo (Taken 3.2.22)

I ended up getting a weekend merch gig for White Denim and Nick Perri so at the moment I find myself at Music Box and it's kind of an ideal show, both in capacity and ease of the merch setup...mostly just clearing out old random sizes of merch that James of WD found around his house. And I'm able to have cocktails since I'm riding the bus home...just hope I'm outta here in time to catch the Rapid at 12:09 or I have to wait an hour for the 1:09. 

It has been a low-key weekend, in that I pretty much was up all night Friday and slept the day away. We are all just getting used to each others' new schedules and I'm just trying to sleep when it comes to me. It's the best I've got right now. No big Sunday plans but this show just ended so I gotta wrap it up. 

Stay safe out there. 

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